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Are You Up For A Global Webinar?

With webinars, you can communicate your message wherever you and your audience are. Are you aware of the benefits this brings to a business or an individual? Large and small companies, start-ups, experts and even educational institutions can draw substantial advantages from global webinars. Let’s have a look at the features you can use and the profits you can earn.

What makes a webinar a global tool?

Webinar platforms offer features that let you take your message global. If you want to host your online event from wherever you currently are, a webinar mobile application allows you to do it. It has all the features of the standard browser version, so it lets you invite attendees, gives you access to instant audio and video and provides you with features that make it possible to interact with your audience – interactive presentations, whiteboards, text chat and many more.

When running a webinar for a global audience, you want to be ready to accommodate a large number of participants. It is possible with selected subscription plans. Some platforms enable you to host online events for up to 5,000 people.

Going global means not only inviting attendees from different parts of the world. You may want to ask someone to co-host your webinar with you. But what if you live miles away? No problem! Often, you can run your webinar with one or more co-presenters even if you go for a standard plan.

And what if you host a webinar for attendees from abroad and don’t know if they all speak English? No problem again! The chat translation feature lets you translate your conversation into a number of languages in real time.

Benefits for companies

Companies looking to expand their operations and explore new markets need solutions to get in touch with prospects, win new clients and boost sales. Webinars can greatly support their actions.

With webinars, products can be presented in an attractive and interactive way to a global audience time and cost-effectively. And even if attendees don’t make a purchase right after the online event is over, they stay in the company’s database as new leads that can be nurtured until they are ready to buy.

Having access to a webinar platform a company looking to expand its team can reach out to the best specialists around the world in order to present itself as a great place to work and encourage them to join.

With webinars, a company can also offer service to current customers. It can run a whole host of online events to cater for their needs, for instance, video tutorials on how to use a new product or tips and tricks webinars to share specialist knowledge.

Webinars can also be used for internal purposes, e.g. to keep in touch within a global network a company is a part of and to communicate with branches all over the world.

Benefits for start-ups

For many start-ups, going global is a necessary condition for success. A good webinar platform lets them pitch their idea to a global audience and look for investors worldwide.With webinars, a startup can demonstrate its idea to future users in many different locations in order to ask for their feedback before the solution is fully developed.

And when the product is ready to be put up for sale and the startup is ready to explore new markets, a great product webinar aimed at prospects all over the world will do the job.

Benefits for experts

Many experts want to build their personal brand worldwide. They usually get in touch with their target audience at conferences and other industry events. Apart from that, many of them go for an easy, quick and cost-effective option. They are present online with blogs, webcasts and webinars, which lets them reach out to their audience around the world without even having to leave their house or office.

An expert webinar is a great way to connect with people looking to pick up new skills and learn from specialists but unable to attend lectures or conferences for time or distance-related reasons.

Benefits for universities

Educational institutions willing to build a global brand can also make a good use of webinar platforms. A well-prepared webinar is a great way to attract prospective students from any country in the world. It can present a course portfolio and available programmes, let the audience meet their future teachers online or take them on a virtual tour around the campus.

More and more universities offer online learning to students who don’t want to study on campus. Webinar platforms let them provide plenty of quality resources – presentations, online lectures, video-tutorials and expert guides – to online students.


With webinars, you can take your message global. A number of features available from good platform providers make it possible to connect with a global audience and reap the benefits. Posted by Agnes JozwiakAgnes is the Marketing Director at ClickMeeting.

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