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Avoiding the Spam Folder: 5 Examples of Amazing E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

When you open your inbox, how many junk messages do you automatically delete? Many of us get inundated with massive amounts of emails daily from companies sending 20 percent off their products, or showcasing a new product they’ve launched. However, most of these emails never get read. In fact, most people have these emails automatically sent to a junk folder. So, how do you catch the attention of your consumers? Take a look at these companies that have learned how to conduct email marketing campaigns the right way.


Although TheSkimm has very nice daily newsletters, their real crowning jewel is their automated trigger emails. These emails are triggered by special events such as the customer’s birthday or their anniversary with the company. This allows customers to feel connected to the brand and feel as though the company is listening and paying attention to them.

Charity: Water

A non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water to developing nations, Charity: Water uses their emails to kill two birds with one stone. They incorporate multiple channels of the marketing mix by sending automated emails that show how donors are making an impact to the world over time. They use pictures and graphs so that consumers don’t even have to read anything, and appeal to a customer’s altruistic side to encourage them to open the message.


A beauty subscription box company, Birchbox uses a clever way to catch the attention of their customers. After shipping a box to their customers, they will send a message that says, “We Forgot Something in Your November Box!”. However, what they forgot is actually a coupon or promo code for another box. It’s an interesting tactic to encourage people to read their messages.

Under Armour

A welcome message is crucial to establishing a relationship with your customers and Under Armour executes it perfectly. When someone subscribes to their brand, Under Armour immediately sends a message that says “It’s office. You’re on the team.” As human beings, we gravitate towards being in a group or team. Therefore, this tactic makes people feel as though they are building a relationship with a company, and it also makes them feel like they’re important.


A weather app, Poncho provides useful information in their daily messages which customers learn to expect and appreciate. Every day, they send information about the upcoming forecast with hilarious puns and interesting GIFs. Poncho also sends information about the customer’s horoscope predictions, what to wear, traffic delays, or a lifehack. This makes people want to read their emails, and when Poncho has exciting news or updates to share, their customers are more likely to read them.

Marie Forleo

According to a Forbes study, videos are the new trend in email marketing. 65 percent of people that view a video in their email, continue on to the brand’s website. Mare Forleo, has been using video in her e-mails for years. She has been named as one of the best email marketers out there, and uses short, snappy videos to attract the attention of her customers. The videos are inspiring and connect her with her audience so that she can increase her relationship with them, and number of followers.

With a little bit of creativity, your emails don’t have to be automatically sent to the spam folder. Marketing e-mails can be targeted, fun, and appealing, so that you can build a relationship with your customers.


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