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How can you get people to visit your website? Well, you need to give them a reason to do that. For some, it can be awesome content. For others, it may be because they trust the brand. But if you don’t have content or an established brand, you can just host a contest or giveaway and have tons of people visit your website.

Hosting contests and giveaways has been a strategy that worked for driving traffic to a website. On top of this, you can also earn shares or get more subscribers in the process. It is a nice, legit way to get more traffic and subscribers even to a brand new website.

But how can you run a contest or giveaway in your website? Today, I’ll show you 4 plugins that you can use in your WordPress blog. These tools are designed to help you easily setup an contest or giveaway right from your WordPress dashboard.

1 - Contests By Rewards Fuel

Run contests right from your website. This is the promise of Contests by Rewards Fuel. It aims to instantly boost your website's traffic by hosting contests that engages your audience. With this plugin, you don't only ask them to sign up to the contest, you also ask them to share the contest through social platforms. By doing this, they will be able to get the word out for your business. This can greatly increase the traffic in your website.

FeaturesThere are different reasons why customers love Contests. First is the easy embed text. This allows you to have you contest anywhere in your blog. You don't need to generate a new page. You can just embed the text wherever you want.

Next, there is also automation. This allows you to set the start and end dates of your contest and then allow the plugin to pick the winners.

You can also completely customize your contest. You have complete command on how the contest page will look like.

Entry Methods

There are many ways to enter a giveaway hosted by Contests. You can have your customers answer a question or you can ask them to support your brand through social media channels such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat. Aside from this, there is also a newsletter entry method where you can just collect email addresses while you're hosting a contest. This is a great way to increase your subscribers. 


This plugin is free, In fact, you can search and download it in But if you want other features to be activated, you'll need to purchase their plans. Currently, the plugin has 4 plans. These are free, marketing master, promoter and promoter pro. The free plan only include a website visit entry, Facebook suggested like entry, effortless entry and follow on Snapchat entry.Marketing Master costs $13.95 per month and it includes other features such as action entry and follow on Twitter entry. The Promoter package costs $19.95 and it includes Facebook RSVP and List Keeper. The most expensive package is Promoter Pro which costs $29.95. This includes Zapier entry, Shopify Entry, Youtube watch entry and form entry.

Customer Reviews

The plugin has been raking in 5 star reviews in And it does for good reason. It allows for more than just email entries. They also allow social media actions. The only reason people rate them lower is the paid option. Some people don't like to pay. But in my perspective, it is all worth it.

2 - InviteBox

What is the quickest way to drive more traffic to your website? A referral program may be the answer. Through this, your customer will have an avenue to share your business with others. Invitebox allows the seller to attract referrals by hosting different types of referral programs.


With this plugin, you can easily launch a refer-a-friend campaign in your WordPress website. The rewards are flexible so you can implement any reward system you like. Aside from this campaign mechanics is configurable. This means that you can change the rules to your liking. You can do all these while studying the analytics of your campaigns. From here, you can integrate your account with your social media profile so that you can promote your website.

Entry Methods

Unlike others that offer a variety of entry methods, it seems that the only entry method for Invitebox is via email. With this, it can help you increase your subscriber base but it will not directly increase the number of sales in your website.

Invitebox allows 4 types of referral programs. These are instant reward referral programs, goal based reward programs, referral contests or sweepstakes and giveaways. The instant reward program immediately grants a reward for each action of your customer. This works the best for digital content or digital rewards like discount codes. Goal based rewards give a reward only when the customer reaches a certain milestone. This can be a number of referrals or purchases.

A referral contest, on the other hand, depends on the number of people referred. The more people referred, the greater chance of winning. Meanwhile, sweepstakes and giveaways rewards the customers if they are lucky enough to be chosen randomly. Each has its pros and cons and it is up to you on what you like to choose.


Invitebox gives you a 14-day trial with up to 100 participants. Once the 14 days is over, you will be upgraded to the monthly plan.

Invitebox offers 3 packages. These are the Startup Package, Small Business Package and Unlimited Package. The Startup packages costs $29 a month but it only includes 100 participants monthly. If you need more, you may need to purchase the Small Business package that includes 1000 participants. This one costs $59 monthly. Next is the unlimited package. This one costs $199 a month. Like its name, it is able to allow unlimited monthly participants.

Customer Reviews

Customers like that it works like it says it will. However, it seems to be free in the beginning. Since it is downloadable in, many people think that it is free only to be surprised that they need to pay once their participant count reaches a certain threshold. This is irritating especially if the campaign is already ongoing.

3 - WP Contest Creator

Host a contest and manage it as if you're managing WordPress. This is by far the most intuitive contest software for the WordPress platform. Because of this, the leads that it is able to get are often of very high quality. It is just what you need if you want to grow your business.


WP Contest Creator stands out from the rest because of its features. First, it has an autoresponder that responds to every participant that signed up to your contest. This may seem like the message is personalized. Next, there is a API hook that allows you to fully customize your contests. This allows you to work with the contest creator with custom codes. You canalso use the contests in two ways. It can be embedded or standalone on a separate domain or page. You can also schedule when contests will be launched and it automatically gives you updates on your contests. You can design your page through its BootStrap template editor so that you can easily add content in your contest page in a snap. All of these include social sharing, a leaderboard and mobile compatibility. That is certainly more than what you can ever ask for in a contest or giveaway plugin.

Entry Methods

There are two types of contests that you can host with this plugin: the viral contest and the photo contest.

The viral contest requires referrals. The participant with the most referrals wins the prize. How can you get referrals? You can do it by entering their emails.

The photo contest, on the other hand, requires participants to share the photo so that they can win. The contest is won by the participant who got the most social votes in their photo. Referrals are now generated through social shares.


Pricing will depend on the type of contest that you like to run. For viral contests, the price can vary depending on how many domains you plan to implement the contest. For a single domain, the plugin costs $69 per year. While for multiple domains, it costs $99 per year. This includes dedicated support, unlimited contests and 1 year of free updates.

Meanwhile, a photo contest calls for another $99 per year. This gives you the WCC Photo add-on so that you can host a photo contest. Again, this includes dedicated support, unlimited contests and 1 year of free updated.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are only available in their website. They are quire pleased on how the plugin worked for them. However, this is their website. It would have been better if there were external reviews.

4 - KingSumo Giveaways

If you ever wanted to implement giveaways in your website but don't want to bother yourself with the monthly fees, KingSumo may be the answer to your needs. Aside from that, you'll find that it is the easiest plugin to use. There is no learning curve for this plugin for you can immediately launch your giveaway right away.


Giveaways should be easy. It should not take a lot of time to set up. This is KingSumo's way of hosting a giveaway. You just need to set a few things, edit the details in the page and you are ready to go. You have the option to giveaway anything you like. You can also edit the giveaway page easily and you can do this without the hefty monthly fees. Also, be able to set the start date and end date of your contest easily.

Hosting a giveaway is easy. In fact, it can be done in three simple steps. First, setup your giveaway. You can do this in less than a minute with this plugin. Then, promote it to your visitors. From here, you can let your visitors share your contest on social media.

The only downside is the lack of customization in the giveaway page. You cannot really edit how it looks like. You can only edit the reward and the content.

Entry Methods

KingSumo runs like the typical contest or referral program. It only allows emails. I guess this is also another limit of the plugin but it is okay as long as your goal is to increase your subscribers.


KingSumo may be on the expensive side for it costs $198 for a personal license and $594 for a developer license. However, this is because it is only for one-time payment. This means that once you buy a license, you'll be able to host multiple giveaways from one or multiple domains with free updates and customer support forever. It may be expensive but it is all worth it.

Customer Reviews

You don't have to read customer reviews to know more about KingSumo. Just search for how to host a giveaway in your WordPress blog and you'll see blogposts recommending KingSumo. The lack of monthly fees is indeed attractive making it the top choice of most marketers online.

It is Time to Drive Traffic to your Website

I have shown you the tools. Now, it is time to take action and launch your first contest and giveaway. You don’t even need to code anything. These plugins allow you to launch a contest without any coding knowledge. Just set and go.

NOTE: Don’t forget to promote the giveaway. You can easily drive people to your website by advertising on social media and customizing your ads based on user interests. This way, you only get people who are interested in the product that you plan to give away.Remember that you need to give prospects a reason to visit your website. With a giveaway, you give them a reason to visit and share your website to other people. This is by far the easiest and quickest way to drive traffic to a brand new website. Try it and tell me all about your experience below. 

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