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Best Google Plus Alternatives: The Ultimate List

Currently, there are different social networks for different types of markets. It is very important to be able to determine which would be the best to replace the recent Google Plus exit from the market. That is why below you will find options that can be adapted to what you are looking to achieve.

7. Google My Business

This is a free tool created by Google, which aims to help you publicize your business so that it can have a greater reach. This interface is very beneficial for any company because it allows you to be closer to your consumers.

In it you can add opening hours, telephone number, website, a description of your business, location, and many more functions that can make your company known in more detail. One of the most important functions it has is the ability to leave reviews, these in order to recommend and give real consumer opinions, helping more people to purchase your product or service.

Why is Google My Business a good option to replace Google+?

If what you want is to increase sales and gain positioning, the best social network is Google My Business. This platform seeks to make your business easier to find, so it is very important to provide a good service so that it has good reviews.

Being a Google service, it makes it easier for you to appear in the search engine. This is a great advantage since it is very likely that when the consumer searches for a place that is related to your product or service, they can find it without any difficulty.

6. Facebook for local businesses

It is one of the largest and most well-known social networks in recent years, which is why it is very well-positioned in the market. It is a social network that covers many fields, in which you can perform many actions, such as sharing content on a page with photos and videos, informing your followers about product changes, special hours, and so on.

Advertising on this social network is key to your business, it has an attached platform that helps you optimize and find the right segment to advertise. In recent years, advertising has been a success as long as you can focus your ads on the target audience, with visually appealing posts and videos.

Why is Facebook a good option to replace Google+?

Being the social network with which Google+ sought to compete directly, makes this the most appropriate to be able to migrate. It is a platform that offers you many very innovative options to increase your sales and position yourself in the mind of the consumer.

For Facebook, innovation is a very important factor to take into account. Therefore, it has created different easy-to-use tools so that you can manage your page in a simple way. In this social network, you can also create communities in private groups so that you can discuss a specific topic or business.

5. LinkedIn for local businesses

It has had an increase in users, which is why it is positioned as one of the best alternatives to Google+. Its interface for local businesses is ideal, it has many options that you can use to position yourself in the market.

This social network used correctly can help you dominate the market, it is an option that will allow you to connect with your audience in a very similar way to how it was done with Google+.

Why is LinkedIn a good option to replace Google+?

It is a very viable option if what you are looking for is to create communities like the other social networks. LinkedIn seeks its users can interact with each other, creating debates and discussions on relevant topics.

Companies not only have the option to share information about their achievements and new releases but also have the option to find new staff. This platform is the perfect one if what you are looking for is to establish a future relationship with your workers.

4. Pinterest for local businesses

It is ideal if you want to find inspiration. The concept is different from other social networks, which makes it much more attractive by not being the same as the rest.

In this community, you will be able to have a much closer relationship with your public, since they will want to carry out some of the ideas that you provide. You can create ads inviting your consumers to buy the items on different boards.

Why is Pinterest a good option to replace Google+?

The Pinterest community is very visual, so creating boards is an advantage in order to grow. It has many tools so that you can publicize your business with different topics of interest.

For the sale of products, this tool is ideal, since the user can visually know what it is like and its characteristics. By creating boards that inspire your audience, you will be able to reach more users who may be interested in buying.

3. Instagram for local businesses

Instagram has had remarkable growth in recent years, after being acquired by Facebook. There has also been a considerable change in the design of the platform, which favors new entrepreneurs.

For those businesses looking for expansion, this social network goes hand in hand as it is currently one of the most popular. Instagram is a social network that has many tools so that you can publicize your product or service.

Why is Instagram a good option to replace Google+?

Although we know that it is a social network that has had positive growth in the market, it is important to note that it has tools that will help you grow. Instagram, by having more visual content, makes it more attractive to users.

On this platform, you can publicize your business through stories, videos, and posts with photographs. Reels (videos in vertical format) have been increasing in popularity, so you can make organic content without having to invest a lot in advertising.

2. Mastodon for local businesses

It was created in order to achieve personal space and free expression. It is a growing company, which makes it a very important option.

On this platform, you can also share photos, and videos and comment on any post you like. Its platform is very similar to Twitter, which makes it user-friendly (4).

Why is Mastodon a good option to replace Google+?

Being a social network that has fewer restrictions, it is a favorable option, since you can publish any type of content without any problem.

You can also create a personal server node, where you can access different types of content and you can have control of the things that are. Just like Google Plus, you also have the option of creating small communities where you can share information about a local business.

1. MeWe for local businesses

Like Google Plus, it also seeks to compete with Facebook. It is a platform where you can share photos and videos, but above all, it cares about your privacy.

The MeWe platform wants its users to feel safe, so it does not allow the use of cookies and does not share their data without their permission.

Why is MeWe a good option to replace Google+?

This platform seeks its users can share their moments and interests through posts with photos and videos. You also have the private chat option to have conversations with other users.

One of the advantages is their groups, which are made to create communities according to the different tastes of each person. There are 3 types of groups, which are private, selective, and open; for businesses, it is ideal to create selective groups.


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