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Best Marketing Trends of 2023 That Will

Healthcare Businesses

The world of marketing functions on coming up with ways to attract new customers and

retaining the existing ones. Compromising on the quality of service is not an option as that will

undo all the efforts that one puts into marketing. While adhering to hectic patient schedules and

delivering the best work, most practices often fail to realize the change in patient expectations.

By not evaluating their marketing strategies, brands are often unaware of which promotional

tactics are working in their favor and which are not. As we move towards the dusk of 2020, it is

more important than ever before to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and ensure that your

healthcare brand continues to grow in the days to come. To help you through it, here are 4

marketing ideas that are relevant to the current times.

Focus on Audience Segregation

These days, most marketing campaigns involve digital measures, and the audience is

constantly receiving sales pitches and advertisements. This has brought down their attention to

such things and you need to do something extraordinary to grab the eyeballs. An efficient way

to do so is to segregate your audience based on their preference.

For your email marketing programs, you can create email lists of patients based on similarities.

As an example, let us consider that you are an orthopedic surgeon. You can come up with a

provision for your athlete patients to opt-in for your email list on injury prevention.

Invest in Marketing Technology

In the digitally powered world of today, over 50% of patients claim that convenience and access

are some of the most crucial factors that influence their healthcare decision-making. As a

healthcare brand, investing in marketing technology will help simplify the lives of your existing

and potential customers. Here are some options that you may want to consider.

Telehealthcare Services

The pandemic has brought forth a situation where patients are skeptical of traveling in a virus-

exposed environment to meet their doctors. This is especially true in cases when they are

suffering from minor ailments. As a brand, the adoption of telehealth will allow you to connect with

such patients (whose numbers are increasing by the day) and grow your business in ways that

you had not imagined.


As a small or medium business, it may not be feasible for you to appoint a 24 X 7 customer

support team to cater to potential and existing customers. In such a situation, it is wise to invest

in chatbots. That way, patients can ask questions to the chatbot which will be powered by

artificial intelligence and should be able to act on common requests on inquiries. For something

that is beyond its scope, the chatbot can collect the contact details of the patient and a human

employee can then reach out to the patient.

Online Scheduling

These days people are more tech-savvy than in the past and prefer to choose a service provider

who allows them online scheduling of appointments. By giving patients the luxury of booking,

changing, and canceling their appointments online, you establish that the business cares for

patient comfort. This is a win-win situation for you, as online scheduling frees your office staff

from having to spend their entire working day taking appointment calls.

Healthcare Marketing Software

If your business is in a race against time to establish its industry dominance, then chances are

that you do not have a lot of time to spare for marketing initiatives. In such a situation, opting for

marketing software will streamline your office tasks and build a digital presence. With such a

boost to your online reputation, you can expect an increase in the number of patients visiting


Explore the World of Video Marketing

As of today, video is one of the most highly consumed forms of marketing content. As a

healthcare brand, you can experiment with different types of video content. Explainer videos

that talk about a health condition, Product videos that explain the healthcare product or service

that you offer, and testimonials from satisfied customers all work in favor of healthcare brands.

These days, it is possible to produce high-quality video content without having to outsource the

work to a professional. Most smartphones today allow high-quality video recording, and you can

use any online video editor to edit such clips and come up with professional videos.

Such videos can then be shared across your brand’s website and social media handles. If you

are keen to leverage the power of video marketing in social media, you can consider using the

Live Video feature of Instagram and Facebook to show your office space, cover a product

launch or schedule an interview with an industry expert.

All such acts will help you get the visibility that you had always hoped for. You will be surprised

to learn that one-third of the most highly viewed Instagram video stories come from business

accounts. Thus, with proper planning and using tools like InVideo, your healthcare practice can

come up with business videos that will increase visibility among your target group.

Do Not Ignore Reputation Management

There is an increase in health consciousness among the general public and people are keener

on making informed decisions. Before choosing a healthcare product or service, they prefer to

read up online reviews about it, thus making it important for your brand to focus on reputation


Make it a practice to carefully monitor the reviews that you get on Google, Yelp, Facebook,

Healthgrades, and WebMD and promptly respond to them. If you receive any negative reviews,

respond to them professionally and politely. Evaluate them to understand your shortcomings

and work on improving them.

When you take some corrective measures based on user feedback, make sure you publicize

the same. Such acts will help to build a good online reputation and earn the trust and credibility

of your target group.

As you can see, the journey to effective marketing is a continuous one and you cannot afford to

let your guards down for a day. Here’s hoping that you adhere to the tips discussed in this

article and develop a brand name for your healthcare practice.


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