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Boost Business Revenue With An Email Automation Funnel

by Megan Totka

AllBusiness, We provide expert advice on starting, financing, marketing and managing your business. Are your contacts moving with the times, or are they just floating around aimlessly in your marketing database?

If you haven’t created an email automation funnel, you probably fall into the latter—and that means you’re losing out on some huge opportunities to engage and nurture your existing customers.

Why do you need an email automation funnel?

Did you know that companies that use marketing automation to nurture their contacts see a 451% increase in qualified leads? But email automation isn’t reserved solely for lead nurturing; it's also a great tool for getting in touch with those contacts who have already purchased from you. It can assist you in encouraging activity, such as additional purchases, upsells, and greater product adoption through personalized emails triggered by the different touchpoints in the customer’s journey.

Setting up email automation funnels

To create these email funnels, you’ll need marketing automation software like Campaign Monitor. There are a number of different providers that offer a variety of functions and features, so make sure to review them all before making a decision. For example, most of them will help you create personalized, automated email funnels that are triggered in several ways—when someone views a certain page on your blog, submits a form on your site, clicks on an ad, or is added to your mailing list.

Funnels also can be created with any data you’ve got about your customers, such as age, gender, geolocation, content downloads, transaction history, and more.Pretty cool, huh?

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