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Breaking down Trade Show Budgets - and I'm SHOCKED!

by Jim Cermak

Whether big or small, budgets are a HUGE topic for any exhibitor. Businesses ask how much they should be spending in different categories like their display pieces, marketing, the booth space itself, etc. Today, I'm breaking down research on what exhibitors throughout the industry say they do and what's MISSING that absolutely SHOCKS me! 1) This week - Trade Show Budget Breakdown & Critical Missing Items In this episode, we are breaking down how businesses spend their trade show dollars based on an article from Exhibitor Magazine. From here you can learn if maybe you're spending too much or too little in an area. Plus I'll share the shocking and critical thing that is missing from these numbers!

  • 32% - Booth Space, - for the opportunity to get in front of your target customer.

  • 11% - Show Services, - carpet, internet, electricity, vacuuming, and more.

  • Combining these categories means about 43% are just being there!

  • 9% - Shipping

  • 14% - Exhibit Design & Construction - Not graphics, just the exhibit itself.

  • 6% - Graphic Design & Production - More like billboards than a magazine.

  • 13% - Travel & Lodging

  • 5% - Marketing & Promotions

  • 3% - Virtual Exhibits & Events

  • 7% - Other

But Something is MISSING!! There are a couple of items that can absolutely MAKE OR BREAK your next show if you don't include them! Listen to my recap and rant :) to find out what's missing!

Look at how you are spending your trade show dollars. If you don't have it broken down like this, do it and compare!

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2) From the Archives - Trade Show MAGIC! One of the most powerful ways to draw people to your booth is by having in-booth entertainment, and the best (in my opinion) is to have a Magician! Going back into the archives and sharing my interview with the top Trade Show Magician, Scott Tokar! Scott explains why having in-booth entertainment is such a great draw, and gives tips on how to create a little MAGIC in your booth! Listen HERE!

3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #180 - Offer an Irresistible Show Special

If you are looking to Sell or Take Orders at your next show, come with a Show Special which attendees can not pass up! Either give a big discount, offer additional products or services (a bundle), or other incentives.

If you can get them to commit right at the show, that significantly reduces the amount of time in the follow-up, and gets you higher ROI even Faster!

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