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Collaboration Tools That Can Help Your Marketing Projects Succeed

The new hip and happening trend online for business both small and large are SaaS (Software as a Service) systems. Form the SaaS enterprise there has come a large number of software tools that help us to make our lives easier whether we are renting out a vacation home, selling graphic designs on a marketplace, or simply trying to organise our teams.

One way to get your marketing projects in order is to use collaboration tools. You can divide teams up into different projects, start new projects and add members from other teams onto the new project, and you can create workflows.


Although there are plenty of other tools out there that are alternatives to Slack, this seems to be the one that has made it into the limelight more than others. The main purpose of Slack is to bring everyone in under one group. There is a team chat, and team members can interact with each other using personal messages.

You can use Slack for both video conference meetings, you can also use it for voice chats, and you can integrate apps such as Office 365 and Google Drive for file sharing. Also, if you want to organise your team, then there is a workflow builder that allows you to set times and dates for projects that need completing.

Now imagine you have a graphic designer that needs to work with the blogging team, social media team, web development team, and paid ads team. You may not want all of these groups to interact with each other creating lots of noise on your channel. Therefore, you could create separate teams and the graphic designer can interact with all of them and share the same calendar across chosen groups.

This way, the graphic designer will have the design done for your projects according to deadlines set, while no one group can double book the designer.

Check it out here:


Although Trello has taken a little bit of a back step, it is still a neat way to set up tasks and get things done. What makes it special is that you can also use Trello with Slack.

One of the main reasons Trello is useful for big projects is that you can set up multiple workspaces all in one easy to browse window. You can then click on the project you want to see progress, assign tasks, or perform tasks on, and all the entire workflow will be made available.

You can move these blocks around and move the tasks within the blocks using click and drag options. You can also archive completed work on your workflow as well as edit them.

Other advantages of using Trello include the fact that it is a cloud-based system. You can log on from any web browser on your mobile or desktop. The web-based version is responsive, so you will also be able to make changes, add tasks, remove them, and perform other actions on your tablet or smartphone while on the move.

And each task allows you to invite other Trello users so you can select who can see and access each project and the project’s workflow. As a result, if you are looking for an extremely user-friendly tool to organise your marketing projects, Trello is certainly worth a shot.

Check it out here

People Per Hour

If you are looking for high-quality freelancers for content, graphic designs, and even project management tasks, then People Per Hour is a great place to start. It is one of the more expensive SaaS marketplaces out there, but you will also find some of the most reliable freelancers here too.

Not only are the freelancer reliable, but they also tend to produce higher quality work compared to another marketplace. It means while other freelancer SaaS sites are often hit or miss, People Per Hour tends to be consistently reliable.

Check it out here

Turn Your E-Comm Into a SaaS Marketplace

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just do away with all sourcing and shipping involved with an online store? That is if your store is selling tangible products ordered through a checkout cart and then sent via post. By turning your store into a place other people can use to sell their products, you could earn a cut of each sale.

This could also mean that you get free marketing services to your website. People that want to advertise their services will nearly always want to promote their product and when they attract people to your site, those people may also look around for other products.

Therefore, once you get to a point that your website is getting enough sales and traffic, start to look into ways to attract other sellers to use your site. The easy way to do this is just simply to look for other websites trying to rank for the same keywords, but they are not successful and ask them if they would like to use your site as an alternative marketplace.

Check out an example here

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