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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Limitless possibilities when it comes to automation and modified systems. Laser Marking Technologies offers the ability to incorporate conveyor systems, rotary turntables, or robotics to fit your laser marking needs. Our products can interface any pulse fiber laser source, have both mopa and q-switched options at your disposal, have international distributorships, and offer class 1 and class 4 laser options. With over a century of combined experience, we are able to fulfill your laser marking, laser etching or laser annealing needs.

Using our proprietary software, with a user-friendly interface, we offer 24/7 support on the software as well as our machines. Laser Marking Technologies strives to bring you the latest technology in DPM (Direct Part Marking), metal marking and laser engraving while utilizing the most advanced components on the market and offer the most competitive prices on the market. Find out more.

Recovery Through Compression: It starts with Legion Compression Socks Legion Compression Socks is taking compression socks to a new level of comfort. From sports performance to medical conditions, greater foot and leg comfort, proper circulation, and overall foot health Legion Compression Socks is Taking it to a New Level of Comfort. Reduce pain and swelling in your legs, lower chances of blood clots or circulation problems, get quicker recovery in sports, and are commonly used after surgery to prevent clotting. A very common use is for sitting in long stretches such as car and plane rides.

Keep your legs from getting tired, ease swelling in your feet and ankles with compression socks. Made specifically for certain conditions, Legion Compression Socks offers a myriad of products from light to extra firm support, airport collection or office and everyday wear. For more information go to

Ignite the Fire Within - High Performance Coaching

We're all facing an increasingly disruptive world where distractions are everywhere and competition is rampant. In a world where there is no security of any kind, high performers find predictable incomes, promotions and loyal, long-lasting customers. One of a few hundred coaches of her kind worldwide, Rebecca Mountain, Certified High Performance Coach, co-creates the future her clients want, removing mindset and strategic obstacles from their path through her Certified High Performance Coaching Program.

Who is Certified High Performance Coaching for? This program is for anyone who wants to improve their time management and productivity, and be more effective in meetings and presentations which results in closing more clients. Learn how to recession proof your business, even if the market turns. Build productive, profitable teams and, most importantly, learn how to lead with authority. Learn how to put together clever deals to acquire new business as an accelerated growth strategy.


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