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Creating Food & Wine Experiences!!

We have so many amazing memories which involve food. I know my family plans their entire vacations around restaurants and food experiences! You can bring the power of food and wine to create experiences at your events that will build lasting relationships and memories!

To join me and share tips is Michael Green - food and drink and marketing expert, and creative force behind Michael Green Wine & Food Entertainment. Over his career which spans more than 25 years, Michael has supported companies with experiential marketing solutions to build relationships and drive sales. Michael is based in NYC and travels the world for his work.

In this episode, we discuss How to better leverage the power of food and drink to elevate your next conference. Get ready to enjoy a tasty Episode you don't want to miss!

******************************************** Quote to Ponder

"Food is our Common Ground - a universal Experience." - James Beard

Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #121

Consider using a Host or Emcee

When planning or hosting an event, you should consider using a professional Host or Emcee. This person should not be part of your organization so they are only focused on the task of keeping people engaged and the program moving along. Having them can make a difference in your next event!

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