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Digital Marketing Strategies for Junk Removal Companies

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Take advantage of the internet

Before starting, be sure to cover every area, from social media to sponsored ads – take extra care that you build an online presence in every larger hub out there. There is no reason to skip out on any opportunity here as every little bit counts and can payoff big-time. Another key idea is to invest in SEO, this will help generate organic traffic (people that come actively looking for your services) which will increase sales and help do something else – spread the word. After a few hits, you’ll start racking up positive reviews on all of these platforms, slowly building up a name for yourself.

Pick a target, stick to it

Once a strong online presence has been built, it is time to specialize. Just like any service, junk removal requires a key demographic it will appeal to. This is achieved through everything from van coloration to slogans and client benefits. No one is perfect, there’s always going to be certain types of people who simply won’t like your service for the most absurd reasons and that is perfectly okay. Appealing to a wide audience is great for a blanket approach, but singling out a core focus group will help you advance in the right direction and pull more likeminded people in.

Like with people, the same approach can be applied to locations. Truth be told, handling business locally is much easier to do and builds rapport with the community. By focusing a target area with your marketing, you make sure that your services are offered to those who need it and to who it can realistically be provided to. This is where a little thing called geo-targeting comes in, essentially focusing all of your ads on people browsing from your area of operation.

Cater to a wide audience

Although having a focus group is important for hits and revenue, it is important to tailor any online content to be inclusive as possible. Whatever leeway is left should be spent working on reeling in new groups with the resources that are left. Singling out a specific demographic and location will build your brand, generally engaging content will help raise awareness of that brand. A blog is a good addition to a site, giving visitors quality content and sporting increased conversion rates across the board. Another thing worth looking into is mobile optimization, a great deal of internet traffic is carried out via mobile, be sure to capitalize on that.

Play both sides

Creating a good landing page is a must, widely-considered as the face of a company, it can make or break a deal and as such requires a lot of attention. If interested in pointers, look no further than Pinkjunk Rubbish & Junk Removal. Sydney has seen this company sprout a while back and it definitely set a standard for how rubbish collection companies should handle their marketing online. The landing page is eye-catching without being intrusive with imagery and to-the-point supplements to the side. Naturally, their conversation rates are through the roof.

Another option of generating buzz is the use of the Pay Per Call method. This essentially revolves around having your service promoted around by supply partners and having any calls forwarded back to your business phone. Phone calls are more personal and generally provide more accurate data loosely filled out online forms that were just skimmed over. This approach covers the old-fashioned individuals who still operate using landlines and who knows what else. With a landing page to take care of any online traffic and a phone line to handle other means of contact, all the essential bases are covered and it just becomes a waiting game.

Rinse and repeat

The digital marketplace is an ever-shifting torrent of dos and dont's. With the entire thing liable to change at any moment, marketing teams need to stay on their toes. However specialized the service being offered may be, it is not immune to the changes that come with each passing day. By picking a gimmick and sticking to it, rubbish collectors give junk removal a new and fresh presence online and are guaranteed to cause a commotion once the word gets out. 

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