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Digital Marketing Tips for Making Conversions Bright

As we strategize, design, and implement holiday campaigns for our clients, we thought we’d share some stats, tips, and tricks for your most successful advertising holiday season yet!

Select the Right Audience! (of Good Boys and Girls) Consider this: More than 1 billion people access Facebook from mobile devices daily! Consumers are turning to social media for gift-buying ideas starting now! Below are three key things that your brand (or your client’s brand) should be considering for their Facebook Holiday Advertising:

Select the Right Audience

Make sure you are reaching people most likely to engage with your ad.

Segment your audience based on variables like past purchases. Send one set of ads to those who have made a purchase from you in the past vs. an entirely different ad to new prospects!

Plan Spend

You’ll want at least one ad that can run continuously and some that promote key events (Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday).If brand awareness is a concern, launch a brand awareness campaign to build up an audience for the month of November.

In December, begin running ads that are highly focused on specific products and for direct responses, such as free shipping or a percentage off.Optimize for MobileMobile holiday research for shopping is on the rise (see above). Make sure your clients’ ads and their consumers’ shopping experiences are optimized for mobile.

Check if you’re Mobile Responsive! Check it Twice! When it comes to holiday sales, conversions matter, and mobile is a key part of the consumer journey.

49% of holiday shoppers say they begin their shopping in November

48% of shoppers agree their mobile device allows them to make more informed purchases

43% say they use mobile for holiday shopping because it’s more convenient than going to a store

42% say they care about ordering online and picking up in-store

See if They’ve Been Naughty or Nice! 

Facebook’s new “Info and Ads” button gives us a powerful new resource for gaining a competitive edge. This new feature brings increased transparency to the platform, allowing visibility and insight into active ads and how other brands are advertising. This means the ads that we run for our clients will be perfectly aligned with what their competitors are doing. The ‘Info and Ads’ tab is located on every business page, and allows us to see:

How are competing brands writing copy?

What is their tone?

Are they writing a long-form story or keeping it short and sweet?

What kinds of creative are being used?

Is a short video being used?Are they using a single image or a carousel series?

What deals are they offering?

Is it consistently “Free Shipping”?

Are they A/B testing 10% off vs. 15% off?

How can your client or brand get those conversions they are looking for? By creating holiday-themed ads and highlighting limited-time offers that create the urgency to buy. We encourage to continue the themed ads even after the holidays – just because the holiday is over, doesn’t mean the opportunities for conversions are! Sales will pick back up quickly post-holiday with consumers who are ready to make their purchase with their holiday money, and of course, those wanting to take advantage of post-holiday sales.


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