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Do you set up your customers on a blind date?

by Nevo Peretz

Many blind dates aren’t very successful. We all know that. But in today’s digital world blind dates are becoming a thing of the past, with Google, Facebook, and others in the picture, nobody is blind unless they want to. So why do we still see blind dates in the world of customer service? Think about it... how many times did you have to identify yourself to a customer service rep? Explain about your issue and about your interactions so far? And was the rep at the other side the right one for you or did they transfer you to a more suited rep? Doesn’t the whole experience seem a bit blind? Unfortunately, this is the case with many service providers. What should feel as a long lasting relationship between a brand and its customers is actually experienced as a series of blind dates. Getting rid of blind dates - How to adapt live rep service to the digital age Customers today are embracing digital and mobile channels as never before. The digital age is changing the way customers research, shop, and buy products and services and how they share their experiences after purchase. In the digital age customer experience is the most important differentiator and live reps still have a huge impact on it. To provide the best possible experience to their customers, leading organizations are now embracing digital capabilities that seamlessly integrate their contact center with all other digital channels. Essentially they focus on 3 key areas that give the human touch a digital edge. Leading organizations adapt their customer service to the digital age by:

  • Knowing their customers – Understand customers’ journeys, predict their needs and generate meaningful insights that can be utilized to improve customer experience.

  • Knowing their reps – Understand reps at an individual level, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each and what’s required to drive their performance.

  • Creating the perfect customer-rep match – Leverage customer and rep knowledge to have the right person, at the right time with the right information. Leading organizations adopt cutting edge solutions to match the right rep with the right customer and use customer journey insights to guide the rep during the call.

Embracing the adaptive approach empowers leading service providers to constantly adjust their operations to changing customer and rep needs, improve all aspects of performance, and most importantly the customer experience. Click here to find out more ​​

Nevo Peretz Nevo Peretz is a customer development expert who spent the last decade in leading customer development, marketing and strategic initiatives in large organizations and startups. In his role at NICE Systems, Nevo acts as a liaison between the product house and the market, demonstrating the different ways NICE brings value to its customers.

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