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Dress for Marketing Success on Instagram

Instagram is now among the largest mobile platforms for advertising, with more than 500 million active users. But it’s still a relatively untapped channel for smaller advertisers.

The native-mobile app (purchased by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion) offers integrated marketers a highly engaged audience with which to share their stories and drive response with their messages. Advertisers can bundle campaign messages across both Facebook and Instagram platforms, thanks to easy integration between the two social sister companies.

Instagram is Open for Advertising

Only a year or so ago, Instagram advertising was limited to larger corporations for testing purposes. Today, Instagram is open to marketers of all sizes, all over the world. However, about a third of all Instagram advertisers are overseas, leaving plenty of room for American small businesses to stand out.

Here are just two success stories of companies in the fashion and apparel industry that have found success advertising on Instagram.

Dressed To Sell

Caeden is a manufacturer of wearable tech products. By promoting the pre-order launch of its new bracelet across both Instagram and Facebook, the company reduced its cost per click (CPC), while boosting conversions.

Carousel ads depicted close-ups of its new fitness-tracker bracelets in a two-month-long campaign on Facebook. Instagram was added to expand its reach. Facebook targeting tools allowed Caeden to reach women between ages 18-55 interested in fashion, fitness, health and wellness.

The goal at the start of the campaign was to boost pre-order sales by 30%. The effort soon produced a 50% jump in orders. The addition of Instagram helped reduce CPC and cost per thousand (CPM) by 20% and 25%, respectively. Instagram ultimately produced more than 25% of all conversions. Consequently, Caeden is shifting its ad emphasis toward Instagram.

Dynamic Remarketing

Grunt Style is a graphic t-shirt company that had effectively used dynamic “remarketing” ads to convert people who had previously visited its website into customers. Nevertheless, Grunt Style sought to boost sales and decrease the number of abandoned shopping carts on its website.

The company worked with a digital marketing agency, MuteSix, to produce dynamic ads on a special Custom Audience website. Its ads were directed to visitors who had added a product to a shopping part without making a purchase. New Grunt Style carousel ads depicted products its audience was already interested in, and offered a discount cod as an incentive.

Previous Grunt Style purchasers were excluded from the Custom Audience website, thereby avoiding any annoyance to current customers. The ongoing campaign quickly exceeded its goal, producing a 5.4x return on ad spend, and a 40% decrease in cost per action



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