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Durham College

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

About the University

Celebrating more than 50 years as one of the most outstanding learning institutions in Canada, Durham College is committed to the success of every student at every level. Founded in 1967, the university was built on and remains guided by the strongest ideals and promises. Surpassing the 50,000 alumni milestone back in 2010, Durham College had already established its name as a center that stops at nothing to further the potential of its students.

Courses and Programs

Along with an extensive range of degree programs, distance learning opportunities and online courses, Durham College also specializes in fast-track education opportunities. A great way of studying for and earning a degree in a considerably shorter period of time than what would typically be required. The full list of courses available covers culiary hospitality, tourism, horticulture, business, information technology, media, art design, general arts, science, skilled trades, justice, emergency services, health and engineering technology. Hundreds of quality courses with a firm focus on hands-on experience for enhanced employment potential.

For those unable to commit to traditional full-time education, Durham College also offers an extensive range of 100% online courses with no class-time required. Several hundred courses covering common and niche disciplines alike, available for home study throughout the year. Also a highly affordable alternative to standard full-time on-campus education.

Fast Facts and Info

Boasting an impressive student population of more than 30,000, Durham College remains one of the most popular universities in the region by far. What’s more, Durham earned an exceptional 92.4% course quality satisfaction rate from its students, along with 95.7% staff helpfulness.

Of those who graduate from Durham College, more than 84% go on to secure employment. The total graduate rate at Durham College comes out at an impressive 68%, while 94% of employers taking on graduates from the college expressed their satisfaction with the new recruits. Every instructor and tutor across the university works hard to provide students with the kind of practical experience that speaks out to employers, making it easier to step out of education and into a life-long career.

Contact Information

The full list of courses and study opportunities at Durham College is far too long to begin listing. For a better idea of the scope of what’s on offer, check out the complete listings over at where you can also learn more about student life. Or if you’d prefer to speak to a member of staff in person, the university can be contacted or visited at the following address:

OSHAWA CAMPUS 2000 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa, ON, Canada L1H 7K4 T: 905.721.200

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