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Email Marketing Statistics – Is It Still Worth In 2021

Many think that email marketing is overrated, but your business cannot generate significant sales without this powerful tool. Whether you're a startup, a small business, or a large company, you are missing a broad audience that emails can bring if you are neglecting this tool.

Although there are many other gears that you can leverage to bring massive traffic to your store, you must not overlook email marketing. This tool has the capacity to do a lot more than just getting texts to the inbox.

Following are some points which elaborate why you cannot miss out on email marketing, especially in the covid times when your physical stores are on a shutdown. This channel helps your business grow its sales in the following ways.

· It's affordable

If you are working on a low budget or fewer funds, email marketing got you covered. Via this tactic, you can reach out to a large audience with less money and get significant conversions than many others.

Using tools like MailChimp, you can send up to 11,000 emails/per month for free. Not only this, such tools offer excellent monthly plans that can grow your business with more than 500,000 subscribers resulting in more sales and better ROI.

· Increase brand credibility

With a robust social media presence and email marketing, you can grow your brand's credibility to the maximum.

The consistent you are with emails, the better you will be standing on the top of your prospect's mind. This plan increases your brand awareness, customer loyalty and augments the trustworthiness to bring more leads and conversions.

· Connect people to your brand

For the last 40 years at least, emails have been connecting consumers to their favorite brand. It allows communication between both parties and generates great deals out of them. Emails are considered as one of the best ways to bring people to your website and help them swallow some good buys increasing the company's trades.

· Allows target messaging

With the buyer's persona, you can analyze what phase of buying your customer is in, and it lets you segment them into appropriate lists so you can target these sets more effectively.

With the correct target messages, you can nourish more leads as consumers will receive the right content that they might need during the process.

· Easy to measure

With the correct tools, you can measure or track what results are coming out from your campaign. You can check subscription rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.

This practice helps you analyze your movements better, and you can pick what tactics are working best for you and what you need to get rid of.

After the benefits of email marketing in a digital marketing forum, the following are the statistics you can't afford to miss out on.

1. Billions Of Emails Are Sent Daily

According to a Statista study, in 2019, there were 293.6 million emails sent and received daily, which is known as the most shocking yet stunning amount of daily emails.

Not only this, but one of Statista's studies also reveals that 2022 will see a massive surge in this form of marketing, and there will be a massive 347.3 increase in emails by the starting of the same year.

This shocking leak is a shred of evidence that email marketing is going nowhere in fact growing and will continue to bring generous traffic throughout the challenging times.

Even if many modes of communication and marketing have come and many are ready to inaugurate, email marketing has and will always remain a potent tool to grow conversion, augments sales and bring a better return on investment.

1. 21% Emails Are Opened Within The First Hour

Studies reveal that more than 20 percent of emails are opened within the first hour of being sent. With more than four billion people using the internet today, it has become vital to be correct with your emails.

Generally, a person spends more than sixty minutes a week reading their emails which influence the purchasing decision and buying behaviors of them as a client. Therefore, it's essential to have content that can offer value to your clients and take them towards your sales funnel.

2. Abandoned Cart Email Does Wonders

The power of an abandoned cart email is exceptional. This follow-up email is sent to the person who went to your store, filled up the cart, went through the checkout but left the trolley deserted and departed off without making any purchase.

This electronic message gets back your lost potentials and brings them back for transactions. According to Crowd Writer, three abandoned cart emails for a deal is enough to bring the customer back to your store.

If you add the right substance to the email, the results will be 69% more purchases than a solo email and are known to be the most advantageous practice to boost the overall revenue.

3. Video And Gifs Augment Clickthrough Rates

Reports have revealed that adding Gifs and videos to your emails can increase click-through rates by 300%, which is a staggering number.

Lost are the days when your emails were bound to be written in a newsletter format. Today, marketers are gazing for better ways to increase engagement to bring more sales.

The dealers in this new normal are considering including Gifs, menus, sliders, videos, etc., to make emails more pleasing, engaging and winning.

However, they also recommend that all these emails should offer maximum value and should be optimized for smart and cellphone devices.

4. Welcome Emails Have High Open Rate

There's no way better than an open rate to know how well your strategy is performing. Open rates show how many individuals are opening your email so you can amend it according to the need of your business and customers.

According to a GetResponse study in 2017, the average open rate for a welcome email is 82%. This sum can be beneficial for you when you are working on expanding your client base.

1. The Power Of Personalization

Targeted emails with personalization possess the capability to generate 50% more open rates. In general, an average email has open rates of up to 21%, but the results are incredible when your email has a personalized subject line.

This is why marketers today focus more on greeting and subject line to breed more open rates and enlarge their client base. Including the client's name can also be a great tactic to bring more open rates. If you think that is too much personalization for your brand, just add the company's name or topic of interest.

1. Automated Flows Contribute 60% Of Email Marketing Revenue

Automated email flows are one of the most reliable and fruitful ways to turn your leads into customers. With these conversions, you can also generate a substantial amount of money while saving loads. According to the campaignmonitor, email automated workflows drive 320% more revenue, and the following are the benefits you can acquire from them.

· Less manual tasks mean less time and fewer efforts

· Better brand awareness and credibility

· Fewer chances of potential errors

· Better targeting and dissection of leads

· Increased relevance and consequence

· Cut cost and improved revenue

2. Emojis In Subject Line Increase Conversion Rate By 56%

An Experian study revealed that adding emojis to the subject line can increase the open rate up to 56% percent, which means boosted conversions and augmented sales.

If you are working hard to escalate your email drive's success, try utilizing this tactic. Emojis connect your audience in the best way possible and saves space. Using relevant emojis can behold fewer words, and you can present a lot in the 30 characters limit.

However, make sure the emojis you pick are pertinent to your brand and offer significant value to your customers, so there's no hurdle between the brand and customer to turn lead into a conversion.

3. Better The Email Marketing, Stronger The Customer Retention

Email marketing continues to become a chauffeur for customer retention for the last 40 years. According to experts, 80% of marketers prefer email for customer acquisition and retention and believe no tactic works better to hold customers than emails.

No doubt there are a lot of profits of social media engagement, but no works better than email marketing. This tactic to gain organic traffic directly impacts businesses, and there's no competition of email marketing with other tackles; it's alone a one army tool.

1. Email Brings Solid ROI

Email marketing multiplies the ROI of the company by 42. If you are working on a limited budget and wish to get the most out of it, investing in email marketing is all you need.

This tool keeps on outpacing other digital marketing trends and generates a solid return on investment. Every single dollar that you expend on email marketing brings you an average ROI of $42. That is flabbergasting 4200%.

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