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Evolution of Online Slots

Before you can look at the future of online slots, you need to look at where it all started and how far it has come. And it’s better to understand how our future slots are today - find more online slots here. Only when this pattern emerges will you be able to predict where the future of online slots lies.

Electromechanical Slot games

Electromechanical slot machines are what gave rise to online slot games. The electromechanical slot was the natural follow-up to the original, purely mechanic slots.

The first entirely electromechanical slot was developed back in 1964 and called Money Honey. Even though the reels were electrically powered, the game was till initiated by the pull of the lever. Change happened gradually. It would have been too much of a change to remove the lever completely. This was also the first slot machine that could make an automated payout of up to 500 coins. The game became very popular and pretty soon the lever was removed from new slots.

First True UK Video Slot

The first real video slot was developed in California in 1976 by a company called Fortune Coin. An adapted 19 inch Sony TV acted as the display. After cheat-proofing and adjustments the slot got approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission and rose in popularity in the Las Vegas Strip.

Video Slots Improved

In 1996 Reel Em, the first slot with a bonus round on a second screen, was released by WMS Industries Inc. Whenever the bonus round was activated a completely new screen popped up. During the bonus round extra wins could be made. This was when slots became exceptionally popular at casinos.

The First Online Slots

Along with the internet came online casinos. At first only games such as blackjack and roulette was offered. Slots were only added later on. The first online slots were merely online versions of slot machines in land-based casinos. They featured the same number of reels and paylines, as well as identical symbols.

Online Slots Today

Online slots have come a long way since then. Modern online slot games not only have more reels and paylines than the first online slots, but they also come in a variety of themes and more and more bonus features. While you might have thought that spinning reels are the only constant of slot machines, this too has changed. Nowadays symbols fall down or even swirl into place.

The Future of Online Slots

Online casino players have long since been looking for a more immersive approach to online gaming. They want to experience a casino without actually being in the casino. And because online casinos want to provide their players with the best online gaming experience possible, they have already dipped their toes into the pool of Virtual Reality. While VR slot gaming is still in its infancy, this is clearly the direction that online slots are heading in. Who knows, players might soon be able to play in slots as characters. The possibilities are endless. However, whether it will be successful or not remains to be seen.



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