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For Results-Oriented Marketers, Text Message Marketing is What’s Next

by MarketingTango

B2B mobile marketing, including text message marketing (SMS) and multimedia message service marketing (MMS), can be effective additions to your integrated marketing mix, says Target Marketing magazine, providing you follow some simple but vital planning and delivery tips.

Versatile, Flexible, Instant SMS marketing is an “opt-in” service, in which those interested in your company, product or offer give (by texting, of course) their permission to send short promotional messages to their mobile device.

SMS-enabled retailers, restaurants and service companies use text-message marketing to send in-store redeemable offers and discounts. Airlines and event planners use SMS texts to dispatch alerts and confirmations.

MMS Slideshow Combo A multimedia message service (MMS) is similar, but more engaging, because MMS texts can contain a timed combination of images, messages, audio and video. They’re more work to produce but can provide a bigger lift in response rates.

According to, nearly 98% of all text messages are read within five seconds, and 67% of business owners who use SMS marketing find it more effective than regular email.

These tips summarized from the Target Marketing post will help you use SMS/MMS to jumpstart or enhance your mobile marketing program:


Define objectives and make mobile ad campaigns compatible across the most popular platforms. Work with your marketing services provider to select a mobile-only web analytics service to help you track results.


Target mobile users’ known interests and personalize wherever possible using the recipient’s real name. Make mobile ad messages quick, clear and easy to read. Occasionally offer exclusive “mobile-only” content or discounts to help customers feel special and enjoy a respite from your pitches.


Integrate mobile with other marketing programs. Use QR codes to link to mobile-only coupons. Where possible, request customers smartphone numbers in exchange for text notifications about special offers, discounts and announcements.


Avoid messaging customers on Sundays, holidays, dinnertime or late at night. And above all, never send unsolicited texts (spam). Finally, make it easy to unsubscribe. Sending “STOP” in a return-text subject line is a common unsubscribe command.

Combine these tips with others we’ve recently posted and you’ll be on your way to a stronger, more successful mobile marketing program.


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