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Four Reasons Artificial Intelligence is the Next Step for Your Contact Center

by Chris Bauserman

You know how crucial the customer experience is to your contact center’s success — but managing daily operations can sometimes be an obstacle to strategic improvement. While it’s no secret that creating a world-class contact center takes work, you may find the shortcut you need thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why is AI becoming a priority for contact centers around the globe? What does it look like to actually implement it in your organization? And what kind of impact can you expect? Explore why and how contact center leaders are utilizing AI today.

Why implement artificial intelligence in the contact center Solve the right problems Did you know that fewer than one-third of CX initiatives succeed? According to today’s CX researchers, the plans contact center leaders are making to transform CX aren’t always the right ones. Why? They’re not built with insightful data to back it up. With the right data, you’re equipped to solve the right problems and win with your customers the first time. With AI, you can get all the information you require to know exactly what needs to change to improve CX.

Your customers are evolving As your customers change, so will your technology. NICE CX research shows that customers today prefer different means of communication than they did even last year. Digital-first, always-on communication has never mattered now. Your consumers’ changing preferences are determining how contact centers look today and tomorrow. In fact, consumer communications preferences have changed more than 12% in the last year. This is why keeping up with new technology is increasingly important — and AI sets the stage for your organization to thrive and be in lockstep with your consumers’ demands.

Better self-evaluation While it’s important to know who your customers are today, it’s also necessary to know your contact center — and how you’re doing as an industry leader. With comprehensive data and a helpful CX Maturity model, you’ll be able to see exactly how you’re doing and what strategies you can use to improve.

Do more with less AI won’t replace the need for humans in the contact center. Customers still want a human connection! But AI can be a tool to equip and empower your team, freeing them from lowest-level tasks and setting the stage for them to focus on what matters most. AI offers game-changing opportunities to maximize your resources and ensure your team is at the ready to deliver top-tier service.

First steps to implement artificial intelligence in your contact center Once you recognize that AI and digital innovations are going to be key to your success, you’ll need to figure out where to start.

Consider these questions as you determine your next steps:

  • What trends are evolving contact centers today?

  • What trends does your contact center need to act on first?

  • How are consumer preferences changing in your industry?

  • What are competitors doing to transform CX today?

These questions will lead you to your first steps. Once you know where your contact center is and where you want to go, you’ll know just the action you should take to get there. With small, measured steps in the right direction, you’ll create great positive change over time.

What are the upcoming trends in CX that contact center leaders need to know today? Check out this informative webinar on the CX of the future to discover what’s happening and how to take action. In Building Your CX of the Future — Take the First Steps Today, you’ll learn from CX expert Chris Bauserman what consumers are saying today and how to use helpful tools to make an impact. Learn valuable survey insights and find out what you need to do next. Register now to learn more about the future of CX!

Chris Bauserman Chris leads product marketing, campaign strategy, and market intelligence for NICE inContact. He has successfully driven technology strategy and go-to-market (GTM) growth initiatives for software startups and large enterprises over the past 20 years, focusing on solutions that help organizations improve customer experience. Prior to NICE inContact, Chris led marketing for ecommerce and customer experience solutions at Rackspace and held various leadership roles at IBM and SailPoint (prior to its $2B+ IPO).


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