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Free Branding tools for your new Business in 2020

I've got some free digital tools you can use to help you brand your business. Here I will be focusing on the free branding tools you can use to help you to create that logo, that brand, and that personality. So let's get started!


So branding is one of the first things that a small business or a business does and branding helps you to differentiate, to position yourself, in the eyes of the competition and in the market place. So you're going to use things like effective logos, names, sometimes slogans, even things like jingles, and all this is to create something that's unique, impressionable, and something that stands out in the competition. One of the weaknesses is people who are not really good at graphic design and don't know how to use photoshop so branding can be a little bit difficult for them and people who aren't really creative.

So, for this I found some free tools that have helped me to create a brand not only for a business but for everything you wish to. Branding can be a little bit difficult but these free online and digital branding tools can help you to brand your business very quickly and very cheaply.

Free Branding tools for your Business

1. Looka

The first thing that any business needs is a really good logo because logos help to build impressions you can add colors and they help to stand out. Now you could google any free logo generator; so all of them are going to give some pretty good results but I like Looka in particular because it's AI powered and they ask you a lot of really important questions like the colors that help to create a unique brand, They give us suggestions and overall I found this website even though it's limited in your choices because you have to scroll through all of these logos so it was pretty good; it gives us also some ideas about how to brand your business as well, like social profiles and business cards and email signatures, so they have a brand kit as well and you can get the logo, get the brand kit and they can provide all of these suggestions: so if you're looking for a one-stop shop for a brand kit this might be a suggestion for you, but overall even though I had to scroll through all those logos and pick the one that I liked it was really easy to use, I can customize the colors and it seems to be a well-designed very user-friendly .

2. Color Palettes

The second thing I want to tell you is how to get really cool color palettes for your business design or logo or brand. So a color palette is a combination of colors and schemes that you can use for your business and these are colors that mesh well together. So you wouldn't want to put like a red like a bright red and like a dark brown or dark green because it wouldn't really look well together,. It uses a hex code, Hexcode is a combination of letters and numbers so that if you copied it and you pasted it and the computer would be able to trace the color that you're looking for (like an ID number). so this would be a color combination you can use. And you can copy the hex code and if you copied it into like a paint or if you copied it into a color generator this would be the same exact color so you can take screenshots and you can look for colors that mesh well together. So that if you're hoping to brand your business, you have the colors that you are envisioning. So you can keep pressing space bar until you find some combinations that you really like for your business.

3. Canva

In Canva the plus side here is we can actually upload our own files or our fonts and stuff like that, so we can customize it and this is a really cool, free software to use and I highly recommend Canva. They have originally some document colors and some photo colors and it's really easy to use and when you're done you can actually go ahead and download it, share the link, present it you can share it and it's really accessible and really easy to use. You can upload your own things they have templates photos and elements; some of these elements you have to pay money for so it's part of canva pro but some of these software are worth the extra price; there's a lot of benefits to working with the free software but if you want to pay a little bit extra and you can get some more benefits by all means that's a good idea too. I like a lot of their templates here so facebook, Instagram templates, they have posters and it's very easy to use, very aesthetic, you can save it (no watermarks),and you can use the free version and it's been pretty good so far.

4. Free signature generator :

So there you have it there are some software that I I have recommended there's Looka, you have the color palettes, you have Canva and I'm also going to introduce you to a bonus branding strategy that I saw that is particularly effective especially if you use email. When you send out emails to your clients often times, you can sign it with sincerely, or yours truly, and you put your name down but you can dress it up a little bit; put your company's logo there reinforce the brand and you can put things like colors you can add cool fonts. So this generator over here is a free generator you can add names, your contact information, your links over here which is pretty handy, so the social media links here when a person sees your email signature and clicks on it, it can help to drive impressions so rather than just putting your name down and a font, you can put your photo, there you can put some relevant information (links as well) and this is a way you can reinforce the brand, because brands are there to reinforce identity, to separate yourself from the competition, and what better way to do that than by putting some extra information and color into your email signature. So you can put some nice fonts some colors and as mentioned before you have these hex codes so there's these six letter and number combinations and you just type in some random hex codes that you liked or the ones that you like from the color palette and you can dress it up and make it really nice! Free signature generator and you can apply a generator copy it, really easy to use at no cost at all.

So there you have it! Here are some free branding tools for your business. Looka, the color palettes, Canva and the email signature.


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