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Getting Help: How You Can Outsource as a Solopreneur

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Getting Help: How You Can Outsource as a Solopreneur

Are you a solopreneur, or someone who runs their own business all by yourself? Perhaps you work as an author or a therapist or in another field all on your own. Maybe you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and need help, but you're not sure about the best way to get it.

According to experts, outsourcing has many benefits and can help your business grow. If you’re not sure where to start, these tips from Concept Marketing Group will provide you with ideas on how you can find help to grow your business as a solopreneur.

What Areas You Can Outsource

Although almost any task in your business can be outsourced, there are some areas where it’s easier to outsource. Common choices for outsourcing include accounting and bookkeeping, marketing, customer service, and even cybersecurity. Of course, you should tailor who you hire to your business’s unique needs.

For example, you can hire a cybersecurity freelancer to protect your business from cyberattacks. A cybersecurity professional can help you set up a recovery plan in case your business experiences a cyberattack so you can quickly bounce back to normal. This allows you to decide what applications will get recovered first and who will be involved with the recovery efforts and to set expectations for recovery time.

Another option is to calculate your debt-to-income ratio and look for areas where your business could be improved with some expert advice. Do you need a professional bookkeeper? Are you spending too much on advertising and could some help in cutting back on marketing expenses? Incidentally, this is also the type of calculation that potential lenders will use to evaluate your personal finances.

Why Seeking Outside Support Can Free Up Your Time

When you start seeking outside help, you can free up your time to focus on other areas of your business that you enjoy and need to focus on. Perhaps you truly enjoy working one on one with clients, but you find you have to devote a lot of time to marketing. If you are looking for a freelancer, consider only outsourcing one area at a time so you can focus on giving clear directions and get a feel for the process.

How to Find Qualified Candidates Right for Your Needs

It's important to find the right individuals to meet the needs of your company. Start by looking for qualified freelancers on freelancing job boards. You can search based on the country and time zone you want the freelancer to live in, along with their skills, previous work experience, and even education.

Make sure to ask questions about the contractor's previous experience and ask them about their abilities prior to hiring. You can even consider a trial period to see how your contractor works out for you.

What You Need to Get Started

To get started with outsourcing, pick one area of your business that you would like to get help with, and using the suggestions above, select a freelancer who can work with you. Start out slowly so you can decide how you want to manage the freelancer's work and ensure they are meeting expectations. Also, save time and money by taking advantage of free online tools, like this one which allows you to make an infographic in minutes that can be invaluable for marketing.

Once you start getting help from freelancers, you will find more time to work within the areas of your business where you thrive in. This helps your company flourish and grow.

Concept Marketing Group is passionate about marketing. We've seen it all in our 44 years - companies come and go but the businesses that are consistent, steady, and have a goal are the companies that succeed. We work with you to keep you on track, change with new technologies and business strategies and, most importantly, help you to succeed. It's not always easy, and it's a lot of hard work but the rewards are well worth the effort. Call 800-575-5369.


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