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Getting More Twitter Followers – The Basics

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Now if you have even the slightest knowledge of online marketing, you’ll know that social media is not something that should be ignored. These social media platforms give you the potential to gain likes, retweets, shares, and followers which will not only improve your companies brand awareness but will also increase the potential for making more sales.

If you want to get your brand noticed, it needs to be exposed where there is a guarantee that there is an audience for it to be seen. This is marketing 101 that goes back long before the internet even became a thing.

Billboards on the motorway, advertising hoarding in stadiums, commercials on television and the radio all work in the same way. They are there because marketers know that they will be seen or heard.

Social media is used by millions across the planet and this is the perfect place for you to try and improve your brand awareness and potentially pick up some leads and conversions.

Why Twitter Over Other Social Media Platforms?

Well, we shouldn’t be discounting Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform as a great marketing tool, but Twitter is the preferred choice for more than 50% of marketers. Why? Because it’s the fastest-moving and easiest to use of all of them. Building up a following on Twitter is in our opinion, the simplest social media platform to do so.

So How to Get More Followers on Twitter?

The key to success for your brand on Twitter is to know how to get more followers.

When you get followers on Twitter, your content is more likely to be seen not only by your followers but also by anyone that might have seen a followers retweet of your content. Furthermore, a good piece of content can also lead to a lot of engagement in the comments which can also be seen by potential new leads.

Getting followers on Twitter for a brand is not always that straightforward and it will usually come down to having a good strategy. Anyone can post all day long on Twitter but unless you follow our three tips below, you won't have too many people reading your posts.

· Tweet & Engage Regularly

If you’re planning to use Twitter as part of a social media marketing campaign, it's important that you go aggressive. By that, we mean in terms of the number of tweets that you do on a daily basis. Ideally, you want to tweet ten or more times a day but at the very least you should be tweeting five times daily.

Not only should you be tweeting but also engaging with any comments, retweets, or on other posts that have been tweeted by your followers. Engaging with your followers shows a more personal side to your brand and also shows that you’re not some auto-posting bot.

Some people like to use a fake account strategy to kick start a trend to follow their main Twitter account. Although we do not approve of this tactic, it has been known to work but it also comes with some expense and risk.

There is gadget software out there that will allow you to create multiple accounts, it is not cheap. You need to create multiple emails, then authenticate those emails, next make sure every Twitter account has a profile set up on it, and then for each account, you will need new proxy addresses to for IP addresses masking on each account.

· Post at the Right Times

Another key thing is to post at the right times during the day. If your target audience is going to be asleep when you post, do not expect to get much engagement from it. Studies have shown that posting during the weeks in the afternoons is usually the best time to try and tweet some new content – simply because it is around this time that your target audience is the most likely to see it.

· Quality Content

Even if you were to tweet often and at the right times of the day, your tweets are not going to enjoy much traction unless they contain quality content. This does not even have to be your content either, it could be content from elsewhere that you’ve shared or other tweets that you’ve retweeted. The important thing is that the content has to be of interest to your followers.

If you can garner engagement in your tweets with well-thought-out content that stimulates comments, debate, or enjoyment, your tweets stand a good chance of being shared all over social media and not just on Twitter.

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