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How The Content Improves SEO More Than The Keyword - Explained

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

When businesses and site owners think about SEO, the obsession is often with keywords. The reason is because we have become conditioned to think that keywords matter more than anything else where SEO is concerned. That is why you will see so many people ordering articles and being more concerned about the keywords that are contained within that article rather than the quality of that content – and that is a crucial mistake. Content can improve SEO a lot more than keywords, especially with modern Google algorithms. Here is our explanation of why.

Content is King

To understand how content helps SEO, we must understand content marketing. What is content marketing? It is a process that involves getting a site visitor through your sales funnel by enticing them with helpful and engaging content. It is not just about stuffing content with keywords and hoping someone lands on the site. It is about having engaging content that will not only satisfy the readers, but make them want to come back to your site again for new content. But how does content marketing intertwine with SEO? Experts such as Brad Smeltz have been tackling this concept for many years, and his insight could help you.

More Content Means More Keywords

Think about how you are stuffing keywords onto your site. You are probably pushing these keywords into homepage copies, text descriptions of photos, small paragraphs on the various pages of your site and in meta descriptions. Those opportunities are fine, but having proper articles where you could put those keywords would help you so much more.

By having articles that are engaging and an authority on a subject, you would have so many more chances to put in relevant keywords. And having these keywords within articles accomplishes two things: the keywords help get you higher on search engine results pages, and having the great articles means that someone who lands on your site is going to want to stick around.

Google Cares About Quality Content

Studies are beginning to show that when we look at Google’s search engine results pages, the sites that are near the top are the ones that have the highest content. The top three positions for most search engine results pages will have at least 2000 words or more. It does not mean that you are being encouraged to stuff articles with more words. It just means that lengthy and engaging content is helpful when it comes to getting your site higher up on search engine results pages.

It is time that we stop thinking about SEO as being all about keywords. The old methods involved stuffing content with keywords, without even caring about how coherent or engaging the content sounded. Those days are in the past. Google cares a lot about sites that have lengthy and insightful content, and so do readers. If you want someone to arrive at your site, stay and eventually make a purchase, use engaging content that is appropriately filled with keywords. 



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