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How to Avoid the Five Most Common Mistakes in Sign Design

Perhaps one of the most famous signs in the world is the Hollywood landmark. The icon not only marks a destination, it serves as an icon for the unique entertainment culture of Southern California.

Although your business signage may not earn cult status, it should be a priority when outlining and budgeting your marketing efforts, says Roy H. Williams, author of “The Wizard of Ads” and “Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads.”

“The purpose of advertising is to increase the public’s awareness of you. What better way than through good signage?” he advises Entrepreneur readers.

However, Williams sees an abundance of signage that falls short of its purpose: “Most business signs are well-proportioned, carefully balanced, tastefully drawn and perfectly color-coordinated. In other words, utterly predictable and effectively invisible.”

Through years of working with clients and studying the effectiveness of advertising, William has identified five common mistakes that most business make when creating signage.

To ensure your signage is the stuff of Hollywood legend, avoid these pitfalls:

Attempting to be understated or elegant

Fitting or blending into the surrounding environment

Scrimping on the budget

Cramming too much information

Placing the sign too high for motorists or people passing by to read

Now that you know what to avoid, you need to learn what to embrace in signage marketing. For these tips, read our companion article, “Signage Lessons from Hollywoodland,” and seek the expertise of creative services professionals.

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