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How to Become a Virtual Assistant With No Experience

In this striving tech-savvy world, more and more spicy digital jobs keep emerging every day. Hence, it's no wonder that a virtual assistant job or VA is gaining popularity all across the globe, especially in Australia. Currently, online businesses have reached massive growth, and the demand for such jobs is more than needed. If you are looking for ways to work from home (or from any place in the world) then becoming a virtual assistant is the way to go. You would be providing various company-based administrative assistance online to people and companies. And the best thing is that you don't have to have any virtual assistance experience to do this type of job. Here are some of the practical and amazing ways you can become a virtual assistant today.

Virtual assistants 101

To start, it's crucial to get the gist of what exactly is a virtual assistant. Very often, a virtual assistant is a self-employed individual looking for a remote job that mainly involves performing administrative, marketing, or technical tasks. You could be living in Tokyo but working for a Melbourne company, for instance. The job involves doing numerous assisting tasks for business owners, bloggers, and many other busy professionals who don't wish to have a permanent-based employee. Most of your job activities will be completed online, hence the "virtual" notion, so you would need a good and fast internet speed to start. Also, for an expert start in finding an eligible job, you would need to upscale the look of your CV and have a perfect headshot. For this, you can contact professional corporate headshots from Melbourne to help you get where you want to be.

What does a VA do?

The best about this job is that there is an abundance of tasks you could do, so there's no need to have some prior work experience in a certain field. Virtual assistants could be asked to do a plethora of jobs, but most are related to general admin work such as technical administration, managing a calendar, making appointments, and similar. Also, bookkeeping, processing payments, and doing regular budget assessments and fill-up statements is a common job involvement. Other job options include content and customer research, blogging, providing relevant feedback, etc. All of the tasks are utterly remote, so that's the most important difference from any other assistance job.

Search and be found

As this job requires little or no experience, plus it's done virtually, you need to be present on virtual platforms to be noticed. Those striving to become the next virtual assistant for a major company and start earning big might need to start small, though. This implies that you should subscribe to some online job platform, or import your CV and data on some job-searching websites. Head out to some popular job-friendly websites such as Fancy Hands, Boldy, etc. Upwork, for example, is one of the largest freelance marketplaces, so you could start there as well. Let future employers find you, and be active on social media too.

Seek out the work you want to do

By determining what you want to work as a virtual assistant, you would be able to narrow down your job search. Those who are keen on reading blogs can work as blogging assistants, or if you are skilled at managerial matters, you could seek a position where you would do management tasks. Nevertheless, create your list of tasks you are able to do, and the ones you would like to do, and see how they’re related. Also, note down your skills and weaknesses, and figure out what virtual assistant tasks you would like to do and which not. Only by taking time to see what you want to work, on would you have a better insight into what services you could offer to your potential clients.

Take some training courses

A virtual assistant's job signalizes doing multiple tasks such as transcription to website management, you should possess a few skills to help you get selected. Since you don't need to have prior experience, it would do you good if you were to find some online training focused on performing some of the virtual assistant jobs. Nowadays, there are many free and also paid courses and skills tools you could try out to upscale your expertise. It would be a smart choice to join LinkedIn or some other networking group and seek some connection and training courses that perform tasks you are interested in. Taking a training course will help you build the right skills, plus it can be utterly productive because you would have a direct chance to learn from the experts who specialized in doing administrative tasks virtually.

Look into the prices and know how to charge

Having in mind that you don’t have much experience related to doing virtual assistance tasks, you need to know the pricing and fees that go around this type of work. Most prices are related to the abundance of tasks you are going to be responsible for. If you are solely going to work administrative tasks then your salary must be equivalent to it. If you are going to perform multiple tasks, you ought to ask for a higher payment. To cut the long story short, price your services as adaptable to the market and workload. Later, the more tasks you intake, the higher you would be paid. Always aim to keep your prices high enough to help you cover your business expenses and overhead, not to mention to have enough to cover your healthcare and similar.

Learn about yourself and never stop learning

If you are not acquainted with which virtual assistant niche to start with, do some research. Since you don't have enough experience, it would do you good to start searching the web and learning about various jobs before you become really "available" for the job and later see that's not the thing for you. Seek out your services and clients on a daily basis by learning what your preferences are, figuring out what you would like to work on the most, and pushing hard to acquire new skills. Knowing a foreign language is a perfect skill, as well as having plenty of IT background knowledge.

Get started by figuring out your niche, creating a good CV, opening a social networking account, and being active. Your future career is yet to be lucrative if you were to follow these steps.



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