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How To Boost Content Marketing With Interactivity

Blair Williams

Blair Williams is the founder of MemberPress, an all-in-one membership website software for WordPress.

Content marketing is a must for businesses to build visibility online. Content can improve your SEO and drive conversions. However, it is challenging to stand out when you have to contend with an ocean of content.

To break through the noise, you need to create attractive information that attracts and engages consumers. One of the most engaging types of content available is interactive content. It isn’t new and has been around in the form of drop-down menus, buttons and other online elements. But today, interactive content has a different meaning in content marketing.

There are now formats such as stories, interactive videos, quizzes, polls and many other content types. They are genuinely interactive in the sense that users can cocreate with your brand. Your audience is no longer a passive recipient of marketing communication. People can “play” with content while learning. At the same time, you learn more about your customer.

Interactive content leads to meaningful engagements. It’s memorable because it can create emotions of curiosity, excitement and fun. You can boost your content marketing efforts by incorporating interactive content.

There are different types of interactive content today. They range from simple polls on social media platforms to clickable “stories” that merge videos, images and written material. Here’s a brief list of different interactive content types that you can build:

Online contests

• Calculators

• Personality tests and assessments

• Quizzes

• Interactive infographics

• Quizzes

• Online games

• Interactive e-books, guides and white papers

Creating interactive content depends on your goals and resources. However, adding even the simplest form of interactivity can boost engagement. Let’s look at ways interactive content can boost your content marketing success.

Higher Engagement

Interactive content is engaging by nature. Your audience plays a more active role and can create content with your brand — for example, in quizzes and polls. These content types have the added benefit of helping you build richer customer profiles. You can create more personalized content by understanding your customers’ preferences.

Your interactive content can help increase the dwell time on your site — the amount of time a user spends on a site before going back to the search results. An increased dwell time can reflect well on your company and boost SEO. Content such as multimedia stories and interactive videos also improves social media shares. These types of content can increase repeat visitors to your site and magnify your brand’s memorability.

Lead Generation

Several online tools exist that can help you build complex interactive content such as stories, calculators and tests. They also offer lead generation features that you can integrate with your CRM platform. You’ll be able to get emails and store user data, allowing you to customize your marketing communication.

Interactive content can also help with lead nurturing, where you move your users along your sales funnel to drive conversions. By creating content that provides value, you’ll make users trust your brand and be more willing to buy.

Audience Education

Businesses in domains that are based on complex data can use interactive content to educate their audience. Infographics, calculators and stories can liven up dull information. They can simplify data and make a service or product easy to understand.

Repurposed Old Content

Creating fresh content is time-consuming and challenging. You can give your older content a boost by repurposing it in the form of interactive content. It’s a good idea to convert your evergreen and popular material into an interactive format to revive engagement.

Social Media

Building traction on social media is easier with interactive content. Social media audiences will thrust truly engaging content into a viral event. BuzzFeed’s quizzes are famous for their high number of shares and engagement. Making use of the “stories” feature on social media and adding hashtags and polls will boost engagement. You can also drive traffic to your site and build leads by giving users great content.

It’s evident that interactive content can power your content marketing to win more customers. However, it’s important that it serves a clear purpose and offers value. It’s unwise to build interactive content just for the sake of it. Your goal should be to make user interaction with your brand as convenient as possible.

When interactivity enriches your customers’ experiences, you’re on a winning track. Incorporate it as a regular part of your content calendar, and you’ll win the goodwill of your audience.

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