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How To Boost Employee Motivation

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The best way to maintain your business’s high levels of productivity is to invest in boosting employee motivation. Many organizations in a number of industries tend to overlook employee job satisfaction or are unable to adapt or adjust old policies to make way for new ones. However, motivating your employees doesn’t always require radical changes or a complete revision of your company culture. Creating an environment that helps to nurture positivity and energize employees is capable of drastically changing your organization's levels of productivity, turnover rates, clientele, and public image. Happy and motivated employees bring with them a great many benefits. Here, we’ve put together a number of different methods to boost employee motivation within your organization.

Implement An Open Door Policy

One of the major boosts to employee motivation is open communication with senior members of staff and executive managers. Honest and open communication is an easy way to let your employees know that you care about them and their place in the company, particularly when it comes to whole staff meetings. Demonstrating an interest in your employees’ work – from the office apprentice to the second in command – and having an open door policy can help to really increase employee effort, in a discreet way. In addition to this, stay tuned in to the goings on in your employees’ lives. New babies, holidays, and personal or company events that you may not be directly involved in can have a significant impact on your employee’s life and the quality of their work. If you demonstrate a sincere interest and consideration for them, your employees will return your compassion with hard work and loyalty.

Team-Building Activities

While these may seem like a tedious and forced effort to gain your employees’ attention and act as a morale boost, if you plan the right type of team-building activity, you will find that employee motivation will develop naturally. Employees need to feel like they are a part of something beneficial, and the stress of the day-to-day job can have a seriously negative effect on the team if there is no reprieve. Take your employees out of the office when you can afford to do so and give them something fun and exciting to take their minds away from work. Just be sure to keep the focus on building relationships within the workplace at the same time as letting off the steam and making the most of team-building opportunities. One highly recommended option for a team-building activity is a treasure hunt in London. This whacky, fun-filled activity can incorporate a number of different themes that you can relate back to your brand and company ethos and can be a quirky way to get your team involved in something different without them feeling forced to do so. Once your team gets into the treasure hunt, you can be sure that they will act like a whole new team at work.  

Provide Opportunities For Staff Development

All employees want to continue to develop their knowledge and skills, no matter what industry or job role they are in. Providing new opportunities for your staff to be involved in important meetings, events, and activities, or giving your employees responsibilities that are normally aligned with supervisors can really provide them with an opportunity for growth and inspire them to take their careers further. This is the perfect way to help boost your employee’s motivation as they will see that they have the opportunity to progress. Personal development plans are also a key aspect of keeping your staff motivated, as they will feel like they are achieving their goals and find this a rewarding experience.  

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