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How to Get More Likes On Instagram? [10 Proven Ways]


Getting a lot of likes on Instagram is like winning a medal. They tell you that people appreciate the high quality of your work. In addition, as your likes rise, so will your comments and Instagram followers. If you get a large following, they are likelier to like your future posts, leading to a flood of likes on Instagram.

Interestingly, the most popular photo on Instagram right now is a photo of an egg. But that's not till a little bit later. Increase your Instagram popularity by reading this in-depth article. If the idea of an egg photo having more likes on Instagram than your content leaves you feeling confused, you can want to try using some of these strategies.

Instagram Popularity – Why is Everyone Going 'Gaga' Over It

Instagram's rapid growth has made it one of the most popular social media platforms, and the app's new features and focus under Facebook's ownership have only helped it move closer to the top spot.

At first, the app's aesthetic appeal and clean, uncluttered layout attracted users of all ages to download it on their mobile devices. Instagram's user base is very diversified, in terms of age and lifestyle, in contrast to rivals like Snapchat and Pinterest, which tend to attract a younger demographic.

While the app has many features with other prominent social networking sites, it provides a more user-friendly environment to engage with your audience. Most of your favourite public figures and brands have already signed up, so you can follow the news of everyone you care about in one convenient place.

10 Effective and Proven Methods to Gain More Likes on Instagram

rCreate a Wonderful Post

You don't need the best camera in the world to capture excellent pictures, but you should always edit out flaws like poor lighting, blurriness, or composition before sharing.

Look at your profile and check how your postings are laid up on the grid; do they work well together? Keep your brand recognizable and appealing using a constant colour scheme or photographic approach.

To make your Instagram images stand out, try using a unique filter. If you want to maintain cohesion in your posts, try using the same one or two filters throughout. Iamsocial advises the same. They provide 100% organic likes and followers and help you grow more in no time. They also guarantee a better engagement and more exposure to your posts. You can read more on their website regarding increasing Instagram Likes.

Suppose you want to make your photographs seem even better before publishing them. In that case, you can use applications like Photoshop Express and Canva in addition to (or instead of) Instagram filters.

rPost At the Right Times

Social media professionals have discussed the optimal posting timing on Instagram for quite some time. With Instagram's analytics, you can find out when your followers are most active and also what’s the Best time to post on Instagram?

Here's how to use Instagram Analytics to figure out when you should be posting:

E Launch Instagram on your device.

E Select the picture of yourself in the lower right corner by pressing it.

E To access this menu, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

E The Insights tab is where you want to be.

E Check out the number of total followers.

E Visit the bottom of the Follower Analysis page.

You can see the times of day and days of the week your followers are most active in the app by visiting the Most Active Times area. You can tailor your publishing schedule to only occur at specific times to boost your chances of getting likes.

rShare "Edgy" Pictures

No, not in the word's conventional meaning (you should avoid edgy memes that might offend your followers). Images with many sharp corners are what we have in mind. A photo's quality increases when more edges and structures are included in the frame.

You would think this is dark magic, but it's not. According to the research, photos with more edges tend to be more successful. Because it takes a minute for the brain to analyze an image with edges, your picture will be looked at for longer.

They are more likely to enjoy the image after taking the time to study it in detail. Remember that "edgy" is not synonymous with "busy." You shouldn't carelessly include a ton of random elements in your photo. Instead, experiment with creatively including structures and buildings in your shots.

rPost Plenty of Reels

The popularity of social media platforms has increased due to the prevalence of short-form video content. If you haven't already, you should include more Reels in your Instagram approach.

Making a popular Instagram video with a reel is a breeze. Posting Reels to Instagram is a surefire way to skyrocket your profile's exposure and audience size. You'll see a rise in participation if your material is particularly compelling.

Viral success is within reach if you include Reels in your content strategy and produce relevant material. Keep up with the times, and if you can, share trending content before it becomes mainstream. Get creative with your reels. More Instagram followers and likes might be yours if you do it correctly.

rAdd Call to Action To Your Videos

Conversations with consumers are at the heart of Instagram marketing. It's fantastic if you're going to put up posts. However, starting a discussion and allowing your followers to participate would be much more beneficial. Using questions and calls to action is the quickest and simplest method. Interacting with your audience is the first step in increasing their engagement.

There are many methods to engage with your audience, but one tried and true is to ask them what they like. Oreo encourages its fans to share their opinions by posing a broad topic and providing numerous clues in the accompanying picture. It's a successful strategy because individuals love to talk about themselves, sharing their preferences, problems, and desires with the world.

rPartner Up With Brands

Partnerships with influencers are one option, but you can also team up with a company that makes a related product. By doing so, you can reach their audience, consisting of prospective new followers who have not heard of you before.

One smart strategy for doing so is to arrange a giveaway together, with the prize consisting of a selection of items from both companies' product lines. Use RafflePress to run the contest on your site, then spread the word about it using the viral refer-a-friend action for even more exposure.

rUse Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags might increase your visibility and attract more followers. Popular hashtags like #tbt and #love are okay to use, but if you want more Likes, try using hashtags that are specifically related to your post.

You should use around five hashtags at the most. Overusing them might make Instagram suspect you're a bot and reduce your visibility, so be careful! The appropriate tone, though, and you'll be able to reel in the Likes in no time.

run a Contest Giveaway

Instagram contests are a simple way to attract more followers. The entry requirement can be as low as "like to win" to encourage more people to participate.

As illustrated by Diala's Kitchen's contest, increasing the stakes by requiring contestants to follow you and tag a friend can significantly increase participation.

Make sure the reward you're offering in your Instagram contest or giveaway is tailored to your business and audience specifically enough to win over loyal followers.

True fans would appreciate it if a restaurant gave away a free meal for two or gift certificates. However, you can attract opportunists who aren't truly interested in your brand if you give away things like iPads or Disneyland vacations.

Review Instagram's Promotion Guidelines before launching a contest or giving something away. It's hardly the most thrilling activity, but it will keep you on good terms with the site's administrators.

rPost Constantly

Suppose you want to avoid overloading your fans; posting once a day is a fantastic strategy. Your followers will be less inclined to give you the likes you deserve if you make too many posts (or publish too many identical items quickly).

Instead of sharing each picture, use a carousel post to show off all of them at once. These picture-filled posts, sometimes known as "photo dumps," are all the rage on social media and are a terrific way to share many interesting images with your followers without flooding their feeds.

rAsk for Comments and Remarks

We won't be bored telling you to write excellent content. Since Instagram is primarily a visual medium, it should be no surprise that users are likelier to favour posts that include high-quality images. Nonetheless, besides uploading stunning images, urging your fans to provide insightful feedback on those images is another wonderful way to boost your likes.

Here are a few suggestions for accomplishing that goal:

o Put out a controversial view and poll your followers on whether they agree or disagree.

o Engage their input by soliciting their opinion on a pending choice.

o Tell a tale and encourage your audience to do the same.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is often the social media platform for companies wanting to expand their reach. Many companies maintain active profiles, and it is not unusual to see many competitions and freebies being offered.

With the introduction of 24-hour live stories, users of all fame and notoriety can provide a more genuine and candid glimpse into their lives behind the filters and beautifully arranged photos.

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