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How to Keep Your Event Attendees in the Know

By Madison Howard

Events are stressful, and not just for the people that plan them. One of the major obstacles for attendees when deciding whether to attend an event is stress. It takes *a lot* of effort to set up travel arrangements, make a business case for their attendance, and miss out on a few days or more of work. One of the best ways to alleviate attendee stress is to provide them with plenty of information about the event. That’s why, when it comes to communication, you have to update attendees regularly, so they know what’s happening. In a perfect world, you would communicate so well that they would never have a question.

Using Tech to Keep Attendees in the Know So what’s the best way to update attendees? In today’s high-tech world, it doesn’t make sense to send updates through the mail – they would never get them in time! Make the most of your attendee’s unhealthy attachment to their phones by using emails, event websites, and mobile event apps to give them all the information they need.

Email Email is a great way to send out updates ahead of the event. Not only that, you can send a bit more information in an email than you can in a push notification. The best news is, if you have any information about attendees or potential attendees, it’s most likely an email address.Best Ways to Use Emails

  • Point Attendees to the event website

  • Put Content in a place they’re used to checking

  • Send more detailed information in segments

  • Segment emails based on different attendee needs

Event Website Your event website is essentially home base. Attendees know that it’s a place they can always return to feel ‘safe’ and get the information they need. Your website will have all of the information about your event, broken down into details. This is where you can make big announcements, update attendees about changes before the event, and get them to download your mobile event app.

Best Ways to Use the Event Website

  • Basic Event Info

  • Big Announcements

  • Location with Maps and Travel Info

  • Personalized View

Mobile Event App The mobile event app is the thing to have at your event. It’s the best way to update attendees on demand. Your attendees will have their phones at your event – make the most of them.

Best Way to Use Mobile Event Apps

  • Use Push Notifications to tell attendees where to be when

  • Send personalized updates and notifications

  • In App Messaging

  • Venue Maps highlighting any location changes

  • Update the schedule as it changes

Conclusion Printed programs, large event signs, and mailed event info get outdated fast. By the time programs are printed, the chances that a session has been canceled or moved to a different room are high. That’s why event technology makes attendee updates easier – and less costly. Attendees will always be able to refer back to an app, a website, or an email – even if they don’t have their device. Giving easy access to event info helps decrease attendee stress.

Madison Howard A graduate of the College of William and Mary, my passion for writing began before I could read, with a nightly verbal diary dictation transcribed by my obliging parents. When I'm not writing, you can find me binge-watching TV shows, baking elaborate desserts, and memorizing pop culture facts.

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