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How to Save Your Business Money for a Marketing Rebrand

Let’s face it – a rebrand costs money. Redesigning your website, overhauling your tone-of-voice and commissioning new graphics all costs money. In order to have a successful rebrand, often you will want to hire marketing experts, and they don’t come cheap. However, by saving money as a business, you can pump money into your marketing strategy, and also get your company seen. Doing so should involve some cost-effective marketing methods and budget-saving measures to help fund your campaigns.

Get sponsorship at promotional events

This approach to saving money essentially kills two birds with one stone. Not only will you be promoting yourself, but a more prominent company will cover your costs. Getting sponsorship at events is perhaps one of the most cost-effective methods of promotion. It’s said that the sponsorship deal itself can help to bring in new customers who will be familiar with the company sponsoring yours.

Budget in other areas

In order to pump as much money into your marketing campaign as possible, you will want to save money in other areas of your business. Doing so may create the need from some budget streamlining, but this isn’t as complex a strategy as you may think. Here are some methods you can try:

· Renegotiate your building’s rent rate: Discuss with your landlord to see whether the price of your building space can be re-negotiated. This is potentially one of your biggest business expenditures, so it’s well worth seeing if you can save some money.

· Change your utilities: Just like in your home, changing utility providers can save you plenty of money. You might be surprised to know that businesses can benefit from the same money-saving benefits of a fixed contract. Expert business electricity comparison sites are one of the best methods to do this.

· Going more ‘green’ will save you money in general: Opting for double-glazed windows will save you heating costs in the future, going paperless will save money on expensive paper and using energy-efficient lightbulbs will often get you a much longer usage out of your lighting.

Blog and post regularly

Creating useful and well-written content is perhaps one of the best ways to get your company noticed online without having to spend too much money. Producing videos or writing blogs can draw people to your business merely by offering useful solutions and information. It is worth thinking about what your business has to offer customers who are visiting your site. What could you write about? What video would be useful to your audience? When you do create content, remember to post and regularly share on social media. Your social media pages should be enjoyable to browse through, or at the very least, informative and well-branded.

In the same way that local businesses hold a local charity event to fund a project, your marketing improvements can be financed by generating money elsewhere. By using cheap methods to promote your business and by saving elsewhere, you will have much more money at your disposal to spend on web designers, graphic designers, and marketing experts.

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