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How to Successfully Manage a Team Remotely?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

In the Agile development ecosystem, the demand of nearshore software developers is increasing on a regular basis in the European and North American regions due to the IT talent supply deficit.

In this article, we are going to expand upon the popularity of managing a remote team of software developers, and find out what kinds of companies prefer to have a remote team of IT professionals. This article will also provide a deeper perspective on effective tips on how to manage a remote team of IT talent.

The popularity of Remote Team

According to the global leadership survey report, more than 34% of companies say that half of their full-time employees will be working remotely by 2020.

It has been found in the recent statistics that the US and UK are the top two countries where remote hiring is very popular. The popularity of remote team management in the UK stands at about 7.25% of global remote hiring. The other major countries that prefer to hire a remote development team of IT professionals include Spain (6.8%), Germany (2.2%), and Canada (4.7%). Numerous communication and collaboration made effective team management possible.

What Kinds of Companies Support Remote Teams?

In the present remote hiring marketplace, almost all kinds of companies are getting involved in remote hiring and remote team management for their different activities and processes. According to the FlexJobs report, a huge jump of more than 20% was observed in the virtual administration, therapy, tutoring, client services, and local government sectors in 2017. The top categories of companies that hire remote teams include the following:

● Information Technology and Communication, ICT

● Marketing and Sales

● Mobile Application Development

● Retail and Shopping

● Education and Training

Useful Tips in Perspective for Managing a Remote Team Effectively

The main reasons for the difficulties in the management of remote teams include diverse geographical locations, different cultures, language barriers, and different time zones are a few of them.

Let’s have a look at the useful tips for managing the remote teams effectively.

Hire the Right Workforce

The hiring process of a remote team should be completed carefully to hire the best available resource in the global marketplace. The remote professional should carefully be checked for having the core technical skills, communication skills, capable of working independently, and should have an attitude to understand and be a part of a multicultural and multilingual team. If you take care of these capabilities of a remote employee, you will be home in managing your remote team more effectively.

Choose Right Tools

There are hundreds of remote team management and collaboration tools available in the marketplace. Choosing the right tool that fits 100% with your requirements is very critical in the effective management of your remote team. Always study and assess your requirements and then choose the right tool that fulfills the requirements of your project or business process.

Keep Communication Open & Transparent

Communication plays a very critical role in the effective management of a remote team. You should create an environment where communication with every stakeholder of your team should be easy, effective, and transparent. Any person who wants to talk to any other team member should be encouraged to talk through any suitable means of communication at any time. This creates coherence within the team and improves team efficiency. It is a great idea to talk through chatting in a common group where all members of the team should be added.

Set Right Goals and Priorities

The entire team should be clearly made to understand the objectives of the project the way to achieve those objectives and clear deadlines to achieve those goals. The list of priority tasks should always be updated on a regular basis along with the timelines so that no confusion arises within the team. The goals and priorities should be reasonable and achievable in line with the capabilities of your team.

Develop a Unified Workflow Process

The process of workflow should be clearly devised for the entire team very clearly and transparently. There should be a unified and coordinated workflow so that the entire team is clear about that, and no individual process or plan is developed to confuse the other team members. This is good for the improved efficiency of teamwork.

Maintain Trust & Motivation

Remote teams run on the basis of trust and motivation. Always make your team members feel that the company trusts you and wants to keep you motivated through rewards and appreciation for the good work every team member does. Always, provide the entire information required for accomplishing the task without any hesitation or mistrust. Good work should always be appreciated within the entire team to keep the people motivated.

Final Takeaway

The future of hiring remote teams is very bright in all sectors of business and industries, especially in the domain of IT, marketing, finance, and eCommerce sectors also can be for annotation services for computer vision.

The hiring process of remote teams should be completed carefully to hire the best available resource in the global marketplace. The best way to do this is to hire an Executive Search Firm.

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