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Increase the Value of Your Personal Brand Via Continuing Education

Personal brands are growing in value with the rise of internet marketing and social media as a tool for business. Oftentimes, startups and companies can rise above the rest if the CEO engages on social media and  is able to reach and maintain a large audience. For this reason, the accomplishments and associations an individual is able to attach to their name helps define their online persona for potential customers who want to support causes that reflect their own.

Education is something that quickly defines a person and their business by suggesting credibility and expertise in a given field, and is a major way to increase the value of a personal brand.

Education and Personal Brand

While personal brand is valuable for social media marketing, personal brands also help individuals stand apart from others, whether it is an individual’s business or simply a job candidate to stand out from the competition. A person with a graduate degree holds authority, which is a large contributor to personal brand and which can be an effective marketing tool, not only for the credibility it provides, but for the skill and expertise that it contributes to a foundation of knowledge.

Education is considered an important investment in order to learn and understand how to create a successful business. Various degrees hone in on particular skill sets, which can provide the skills needed for any business endeavor. When a person knows what they are striving towards, being associated with a university, particularly one that specializes in the area of interest for the kind of business someone is working towards, can help build a personal brand.

Education Benefits

In the marketing world, most people concern themselves with marketing a product or service in order to gain attention and increase revenue; however, the same attention is not focused inward to how one markets themselves, which is becoming more and more important. For any career, making the time and effort to continue education demonstrates to potential employers and clients determination for high quality work. According to Darcy Richardson, director of continuing education for EdPlus, “If I’m looking at an individual who has taken the time to further their education, even informally, that tells me they’re committed to learning and development.”

Having a staff of highly educated individuals increases a company’s ability to market themselves, by reassuring clients and customers of their resources. The efficiency and thoroughness of a well educated company member is why a person with an MBA or Master’s in Public Relations on average earn about $4,000  more annually than someone in the same position without a degree.

A person who continues their education establishes trust by committing their time and effort to earning a degree from an accredited university. Any degree will result in valuable lessons but continued education is a tool that gives anybody an edge over their competition as it represents cutting edge professional skills that are valuable to the marketing industry. Education adds a desirable quality to any personal brand which will ultimately increase the likelihood of success for any person, company or project.

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