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It's like Christmas came early!

It's like Christmas in September around here on Campus! One of my favorite people in the industry has agreed to come on the podcast again...and it's like a big gift to all of you! Are you designing your events with Behavior Change in mind? Are you wondering what that even means? You have GOT to understand how important this is, and you are definitely in the right place to start learning! 1) This week - Behavior Change Design My guest this week is Kristin Malek, and this is her second time on Trade Show University! Kristin is an expert in designing experiences that change behavior and mindset. The only way to enact real change and inspire action is to first design a transformational experience that would inspire change from within. Kristin is the real deal! She has won double digit international, regional, and state awards to include international Educator of the Year and Excellence in Teaching and Training.

We discuss:

  • What exactly is Behavior Change Design

  • How it is different from Project Management

  • Why designing for engagement is so important

  • Kristin's latest project - Experience University

  • And so much more!

Listen now to #229 and SHARE IT!! Episode #229 - Behavior Change Design

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2) NEW - Group Training! Ever get to the show and some of your staff seems confused, or you wonder if these are the same people who actually work for your company? Let's get your booth staff up to speed quickly and make sure everyone is on the same page with Group Training via Zoom for you and your entire team! Includes a strategy session prior to the training so we can understand your goals and your team, and then we put together the training to set you all up for success! Send a request here so we can discuss the possibilities! CLICK HERE 3) Trade Show PRO Tip of the Week - Network like Crazy!

You have one shot to interact in person with your target audience at your next show! And not only that, you have a great opportunity to build on your circle of contacts. So network at every possible chance you have! Go to after hours networking events, network at lunch, introduce yourself to the people around you in line to check in at the hotel, network with the booths around you, and even strike up a conversation on an elevator! Don't miss any opportunity!!

4) Looking for a Topic? We've made it simple!

- Visit our Episode Guide HERE! Have a question or challenge? Contact Me! I'm here to help! Jim

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach

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