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Healthy Chews: The most easily digestible rawhide on the market

Dogs are part of your family and you show them love with toys and delicious dog treats. Dogs have little natural digestive support for breaking down and metabolizing complex carbohydrates and cereal grains. Over a long period of time, this can damage the lining of the digestive system. Gluten free and grain free, the large rawhide bones from Healthy Chews are the most safe chew treats for dogs.

High in protein, full of tasty flavor, and highly digestible, Healthy Chews provides innovative, healthy, great-tasting and safe dog chews made of the most easily digestible rawhide on the market.

Leading the way in freeze protection: CARAPACE Job-Ready Pipe and Heating Cable System

It is of great importance to maintain ongoing research and development to create new products to enhance lifestyle in the most severe cold climates. CARAPACE Job-Ready Pipe and Heating Cable System is a high performance freeze protected potable water pipe constructed of virgin high-density polyethylene resins certified for potability, direct earth burial, and free air installations.

A job-ready freeze protection pipe system is supplied pre-assembled and ready for installation.

To install, simply roll out the pipe and connect using industry standard plumbing fittings. CARAPACE Job-Ready Pipe and Heating Cable System is constructed using a high density NSF STD 14 approved polyethylene pipe for high strength and potability. The self-regulating heating cable is extruded directly onto the outer surface of the pipe with a thin layer of high density polythene. The extruded layer provides a protective shell to guard against mechanical injury while ensuring the conductive self-regulating heating cable remains in unyielding contact with the pipe wall. This unique construction makes CARAPACE the only product Heat-Line recommends for use with high pressure and constant pressure water supply systems.

Empower your Finance Department: Finance and Procurement

Streamline accuracy, efficiency, and transparency across all financial processes and reporting Eliminate headaches and bottlenecks and increase efficiency by automating processes and data sharing across all of your accounting, budgeting, purchasing and approval workflows. With the Sparkrock System you will:

- provide your finance team with easy-to-use tracking and reporting tools. Encourage staff accountability through tailored access to budget information and rules-based workflows.

- take the guesswork from forecasting and planning with accurate, real-time data and complex reporting at your fingertips.

- with accurate, real-time data and complex reporting at your fingertips, you'll eliminate the guesswork from forecasting and planning. Click here for more information.

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