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Making sense of the MOUNTAINS of DATA from our Shows

by Jim Cermak

I would bet a large sum of money that you do not know all of the data that is available to you from your last event or next event! It is an incredible amount! So how do you find out what's available, and more importantly - what do with it? This week's episode is eye-opening and can be the key to greater ROI! 1) This week - Making Sense of Data Exhibitors should Expect My guest will take some of the mystery out of that 4-letter word...DATA! Proud to have Vinnu Deshetty, the CEO of EVA Event Tech Hub who brings over 25 years of meeting and conference planning experience in the association and nonprofit industries. With a unique understanding of both the tech and meeting planning worlds, Vinnu focuses on making tech accessible and productive for meeting planners.

We Discuss:

  • What event data should exhibitors expect

  • What are some data that are not helpful for exhibitors?

  • What data points should exhibitors be asking for?

  • How can Exhibitors extend their engagement beyond the booth

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #181 - Always be Out in Front

That table or counter you have between you and your attendees is keeping some people away from your booth! Get out in front so you can make a good initial connection, and then you can turn to the table or counter to find the collateral or info you need to further the conversation.

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