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Maximising Productivity When Working From Home

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Tips and Tricks for Working from Home

Probably the biggest tip you’ve heard when it comes to maximising your productivity is to take a well-deserved break every now and then. Kicking back for half an hour during your work day or even playing some top online slots Australia are all great ideas – but there’s more to it, too.

Working from home creates the ideal situation for you to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, while you’re enjoying breakfast in bed or watching a few episodes of your favorite series, you could be losing valuable working hours as well.

There’s no need to panic, though. With these eight tips and tricks to optimize your home-based work performance, your output will be reaching new levels within weeks...

#1: Maintain a Routine

Many folks who work from home tend to wear anything from sweatpants to pyjamas, day in and day out. However, according to workplace experts, getting dressed for the day can actually help to keep you motivated.

Work clothes can impact you on both a personal and business level and affect your career in a covert way, and a professional outfit and regular self-care routine can make you feel good about the work you are doing.

#2: Put Down the Phone

Smartphones reward us with a hit of dopamine every time we get a notification or a text. This makes them very hard to put down, which can interfere with your work performance, too.

The human brain is not particularly good at multitasking, so it’s best to focus entirely on the task at hand before watching that cat video or responding to your next dinner date.

#3: Find a Harmonious Workspace

Finding the perfect working spot is one of the biggest secrets to staying productive. The first step, according to many experts, is to get out of bed, and stay away from your bedroom altogether if you can.

Your brain has already associated this room with leisure and sleep, so if you set up your office therein, you will immediately start to get tired while working. Conversely, you might also battle to fall asleep at night. Instead, try to set yourself up in a spot that’s quiet and has plenty of natural light.

#4: Find a Great Chair

Proper lumbar support and comfort is essential to your home working experience. Look for an office chair with comfortable arm rests, cushioning, an adjustable back rest, good lumbar support, and wheels.

#5: Turn to Gadgets

Helpful gadgets can turn you into a far more productive person! Some options to consider include a laptop stand to prevent you from slouching, a quality headset, and a white noise machine to keep you focused and distraction-free.

#6: Stick to Your Schedule

It’s essential to draw up a schedule and keep to it as much as possible. Find out when your teammates will be online most often and mirror their times so that you can stay motivated, productive and social.

It’s also good to be responsive and active in that team overlap period, and then do your deeper work when you are feeling most capable.

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