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My Case Study Webinar on How Webinars Move Customers through the Sales Cycle

It’s a myth to think that all attendees who register for your webinar are “sales ready” to buy now.  Wherever they are on their journey,  your thought leadership and expertise can educate and inspire them to want to have a conversation with you “after the webinar”.  This conversation is an important part of the sales process that will ultimately help them move through the next series of toll gates in their decision process so they can become your customer.

Please join me along with our hosts and sponsor, the American Marketing Association and Adobe Connect to attend this complimentary session and  learn from actual case study examples how your webinar deliverables should be aligned to match the buyers journey.You’ll learn:

How webinars help attendees move through the buying cycle

Strategies to ensure predictable outcomes

Critical KPI’s to track before, during and after the webinar

As always, I plan to leave 15 minutes at the end of the webinar for you to ask any questions or share your experiences.


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