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SEO Tactics That Will Dominate The Search Engine Result Pages

There are a few tactics that you should follow as a SEO pro in 2019 in order to dominate the Search Engine Result Pages. Take a look at these latest SEO trends to follow in 2019 that will surely help you to earn more revenue.

To start with, you must understand your audience and their intent. That means you will need to know what they prefer. It may be that they prefer:

· A text

· An image

· A Video or simply

· An Audio.

This will help you to deliver them with exactly what they want to gain their favor and liking and in turn your rank in the SERPs.

It is crucial for all SEO professionals to understand what their users expectto find in a content of a site when they query a keyword or phrase. You will need to provide them with the exact solution and the right answer to satisfy and meet their needs in the best and simplest way possible. In addition to that you must also focus on other things such as their:

· Tastes

· Interests and

· Preferences.

You must also keep in mind that your audience will keep on changing more rapidly that you think and therefore it is important to make sure that your website and SEO content is perfectly written and optimized. If you create it for the wrong audience, it will not help your business to grow.

Think beyond tomorrow

You must think about tomorrow and beyond rather than today to design a high ranking website for your audience just like It should typically enhance the journey and experience of the audience so that you are rewarded by the search engines like Google with a higher rank in their search pages and your visitors are encouraged to invest in you.

· This is exceptionally important for all professional SEO and website design because rankings can fluctuate considerably within a very short period of time.

· It is also important to ensure that the SEO fits in well within the semantic intent of the search query of a user.

That means you will need to focus heavily on the intent of the keywords and phrases used by the users that you are targeting to reach to while creating the content. This in turn will enable you to stick to and meet the requirement of Google that is noticed to have shifted in its keyword intent.

Think about the funnel

In addition to that, you will be better off if you consider more about the funnel than anything else and really spend more of your time in creating the best and most effective one for that matter.

Therefore, ask yourself a few questions such as:

· Do you want to spend time and money to ensure that you gain a better rank for the broad term

· Should you shift your focus instead on terms more down the funnel

· How knowledgeable are your buyers

· What are you trying to sell with your content and

· What are the likely things that they are mostly interested in?

If need be, you will need to change the entire process that you have been following till date regarding keyword research in order to adjust your tactics and be with this shift in 2019.

While doing your keyword research, it is imperative that you also check on the SERPs. This will help you to see whether or not the websites like yours are ranking well with that specific targeted phrase or keyword.

If you find that the top ranking sites are those review sites and directories and your site does not feature anywhere up there, then you will need to select another phrase and move on. Therefore, do not just limit your research on matching your keyword phrases simply but make sure that you create your content in such a way that it is:

· Meaningful

· Relevant

· Interesting and

· Comprehensive enough to answers all of the questions of your audience.

To sum up, it can be said that ideally in 2019 you as a professional SEO should take your content one step further. This is you can do by anticipating the follow-up questions that the users may ask through their search queries and answer their initial as well as final queries.

Beyond Google Search

Another useful way to ensure better SEO is to go beyond the traditional Google Search that happens to be the most beaten path by all professional SEO experts. Recently, it is noticed that Apple and most significantly Amazon are making a considerable cut in the dominance of Google Search.

Ideally, 2019 will be the year in which SEO will not just be restricted to optimizing Google Search but will also involve all other available search enginesas well. That means SEO will be all about showing up anywhere, everywhere, wherever and however.

You must remember that people now do not search for just the first blue link on the SERPs but more than that. Therefore, you will need to learn how you can drive more organic traffic and enhance the level of engagement for things that are beyond just websites.

And in the end

You will need to consider what the potential customers are looking for and deliver them with that exactly.

· If they are searching for apps, you will need to focus on ways in which you can rank higher in the app stores.

· If they are more interested in videos and podcasts, you will need to focus more on ways in which you can fetch higher ranks in places where users search for those things.

Today, strong brands need to become more multi-faceted to ensure that they rank more than just websites. Similarly, strong SEOs also need to do the same thing.

Know and make the best of the immense scope of SEO in 2019 that is expanding beyond Google to other platforms as well to ensure a wider visibility. Therefore, think beyond driving people to your site by being number 1 in the SERPs. Instead, think about how to create a better visibility.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.



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