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Technology You Can Use To Become a Valued Writer

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

One thing I know about myself is that I am no ‘Times’ magazine or ‘New York Times’ writer. This is not me putting myself down, I am just not at that level. That said, I do not think I am a bad writer which many of my clients will agree. There is always room for improvement, and luckily for us, there are plenty of software tools out there that can help anyone become a better writer.

Also, it is not only my writing that can improve but the value I offer with my freelance services. Therefore, below I will explain the software tools I currently use, and the purpose of each tool that use.


Anyone that is a freelance writer reading this will likely know about Grammarly. I began by using the free version but after a while, even that stopped picking up all the errors the built-in Microsoft Word spell and grammar check tool misses. This made me sceptical whether I should sign up to the paid version. However, this was the best thing I ever did.

Grammarly not only picks up every typo and basic typing errors you may miss even while proofreading, but it also helps you with clarity, tone, and style. It has helped my writing improve by staying on point, and it helps to keep the tone of my articles consistent.


I use this software tool to give my clients added value. You can use SurferSEO for all kinds of search engine optimization tasks including writing content that matches websites ranking for specific keywords.

For example, if my client wants an article about ‘5 Ways To Keep Your Crypto Safe’, then I can use Surfer SEO to go out there and find articles using these keywords.

The application will compile a list of stats that indicate which ranking factors the top 10 articles on Google have inside their content.

This includes keyword density, word count, words in bold and italic, keywords used in headings, and it even breaks down the meta title and description.

Using this information, I can write an article that matches the top 10 ranking articles for all of these ranking factors. Now you can imagine what my clients think of this. They love it because I am not only adding value while they pay the same rate, they also know I am creating highly valuable content that is SEO optimized.

Another way you can use SurferSEO is to encourage clients to upgrade their content. You can copy and paste their content into SurferSEO and include the target keywords those pages are ranking for. Offer to make an improved version for half price or even for free just to prove a point.

When it works, then you could make a plan to improve the content across the entire site over the coming weeks or months. Check out as an example of one of my clients! He needed a website fully optimized with tons of content using keywords such as WooCommerce vs Shopify or Shopify Vs Squarespace. After recalibrating all of his content, his website’s traffic increased by 20%.


If you are going to use SurferSEO as a tool to gain more business by selling improved versions of your clients’ existing content, you will need a way to prove your work has made a difference.

This is where a good rank tracker comes in handy and not one that is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Serprobot is one of the cheapest rank trackers out there, and you will be able to track rankings for keywords in multiple countries.

If you have improved a certain page’s content, then the rankings could suddenly improve. This is good for your research and can be used for sales pitches for other clients as well as for your existing client whose rankings have increased.

With this in mind, there is another much better tool that can help you, and it is free. The only issue you may have is getting access.


All of these tools will help you improve your writing, and not only will you improve as a writer, but you will also provide content with SEO value. Even though the content is important no matter how a website gains traffic, most companies are still hot on the subject of SEO because the right title and correctly laid out content that show relevance to its topic will always rank well on Google or Yahoo which is free exposure for the company you are writing content for.

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