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The 3 Things to Consider When Exploring Social Media Listening – Learn from Your Customers Online

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

by MarketingTango

While social media offers unprecedented opportunities for small businesses to reach customers, it’s not as simple as click and go. Integrated marketers need to consider the social developments that are shaping the industry and the best way to ensure that they are being responsive to customer desires. SmartInsights has put together a list of three things marketers need to know about social media listening and engagement technologies that will allow them to do so.

Wait, What is Social Listening?

To understand the market and make effective decisions, it’s important to listen to customers on social media to extract key information and gain insights into what they really want. Whether using simple or advanced social media monitoring platforms, the goal for marketers is to capture customer sentiments through their online conversations about y our brand, your industry, competitors, etc., and analyze them for essential data.

How Will Social Media Listening Help My Business?

Social Media Listening is an ongoing opportunity for integrated marketers to evaluate company performance, assess the company’s image, identify where potential new audiences exist, gather intelligence to improve service and shake up their social media strategy as needed. Some platforms also help determine the best time to send messages, assess campaign success, and examine any revenue generated by individual promotions.

How Do I Choose What to Use?

The best platform for your organization will depend heavily on what you want to get out of it. From data management and analysis tools to its usability when engaging with clients, there are countless factors to consider for finding the ideal fit for your business. And of course, there are specific variables to consider such as cost, capabilities, whether it fits your industry, your company size, and its ability to integrate with other platforms your business uses.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in a meaningful way with your customers by actively listening to and learning from their online conversations about you, your products, services, and industry. With social media listening, you can reassess your strategy every time you introduce a new campaign, note a new trend on social media, or identify a new audience to reach.


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