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The Best Social Media Sites for Your Business

Although we sometimes forget it, social media has changed our lives in more ways than we can even begin to imagine.

We live in an age of advanced technology that allows us to connect with an international audience, allowing us to market our business in ways that was once impossible.

Before the age of information, business owners needed to go out and physically market what they were selling, and because they often reached such a small audience, it wasn’t always enough to allow their business to grow.

Today’s tech has changed that, and instead of putting ads in the local paper or going door-to-door, we can simply create a professional profile on a social media site and reach a huge audience in a relatively short space of time.

Social media sites are plentiful and choosing the right one for your business depends on the kind of product you wish to sell. For the most part, however, these social media sites should be more than adequate to cover your needs.

5. YouTube

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is one of the most popular websites in the world, and features thousands upon thousands of different videos.

It’s a site filled to the brim with just about every kind of audience you can imagine, and it’s the perfect platform for marketing a product if you’re good with a camera and have some editing skills.

YouTube also has the second largest search engine available, meaning people would be able to find your product more easily.

4. Twitter

Twitter’s main staying power for business is its ability to make things go viral at the drop of a hat. When something goes viral, it reaches a huge audience in an extremely short space of time.

If you’re selling something that people will like, chances are that they will spread the word for you, and there is no better platform than Twitter for this kind of marketing.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is another platform that has a widespread reach, and its constant growth provides the potential for a large audience.

It’s almost all picture-based, making it a much simpler way to market your business successfully.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best business-to-business social media site available. It’s a professional site aimed at professionals, and it gives you access to an audience that you’d most likely find nowhere else.

It’s also a fantastic portal to find new employees, investors, and so much more, and any businessperson worth their salt must have a profile on LinkedIn.

1. Facebook

Despite all the recent controversies surrounding Facebook, there’s no denying that the site is the king of social networking.

The audience numbers in the hundreds of millions, almost everyone with an Internet connection has a Facebook account – whether it’s to play games like online blackjack, catch up with friends, or browse the news – it’s potential as a marketing resource is almost unlimited.

With the chance to post, like, share, and spread everything you post on the site, it’s an absolute goldmine for modern marketing.

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