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The Ins and Outs of Managing Your Business with Trello

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Managing Your Business Using Trello

Much like playing great online pokies Australia, sometimes taking a new gamble on your marketing approach can have huge payoffs! In fact, there are plenty of fantastic free promotional tools which have been designed to help you get your company off the ground without having to spend thousands on web management experts.

Trello is a free task management app created by Atlassian that does just that. Although it is aimed towards personal use, this app has undercover superpowers that make it an excellent addition to your plethora of business tools.

When being used as a project management tool the app can help you communicate with your fellow team members and organize details. It’s extremely versatile when it comes to managing budgets, performance reviews, accounting and monthly or quarterly goals.

Furthermore, when you use it as a multi-purpose project management platform, Trello can also help you to keep track of virtually every aspect of your business.

How the Free Service Works

So, what exactly makes it so powerful? Compared to complex Google Docs spreadsheets, social media notifications and constant smartphone pings, Trello comes as a very straightforward and easy way to keep tabs on anything you need to.

It is based on a classic bulletin board that you might find on a meeting room wall, complete with sticky notes, tabs and boards to the sides of its interface. Some companies create boards for each one of their projects, while others do so for different teams, departments, or areas of expertise.

Each board houses columns of task cards, which can be customized to contain checklists, images, links, and comments from team members. Tasks can even be moved from one board to another, and checked off once they have been completed – all of which is fantastic in terms of project supervision. However, the real question is: can you run an entire business on the app?

Complete Project Management Online.

The answer, in short, is yes. Trello has been designed to minimize clutter and bring you all the tools you need in a single place.

If dealing with email, social media, blogs, online publications and more is overwhelming your senses, then you will find that you can load all of these tasks onto the app and manage them more easily from there.

Goals, events, budget projects, strategies, due dates – all of these can be sorted out online by using this innovative platform.

Of course, there are some limits to what a free service can do. If you need to calculate budget numbers and create financial charts, tally up forecasts, or do any other sums you will need a different service.

The on-board chat feature is also very helpful but is not quite as real-time as being able to message someone instantly. A messaging app or group text will probably be more suited to your needs.

However, the app still has plenty of strengths, which has made it a favorite choice for those who need a simplified way to govern their business matters.

There’s always the option of paying extra for upgrades like Slash, report generators or calendar views, too!

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