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The Key Trends in The Digital Marketing Realm to Look Out for in 2019

It seems like everything revolves around the internet nowadays. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world are anchored on the tech industry, or they are tech companies themselves. The digital marketing realm has evolved to become a big part in the marketing industry. Most people now know that without having a properly defined digital marketing plan, their products will miss out on big opportunities. As a person in the industry, what trends should you be looking out for in 2019?

1. Chatbots will have a bigger role

Chatbots, small automated programs that help with routine communication with users, have seen increased usage in recent years. In 2019, the usage of chatbots will rise. These bots are now properly tuned to provide a wide range of information to users. The convenience and effectiveness will ultimately translate to wider adoption in the market.

2. Facebook is near its peak stage

Facebook is the biggest platform in the world when it comes to digital marketing. With over 2 billion users around the world, the platform has already seen its biggest adoption rates. While a huge number of the mature demographic is on the platform, competition from other platforms and the recent breach issues have seen it plateau.

3. Content will continue being vital

Good content is still a vital part of digital marketing. Content is still relevant across markets. So whether you want to know how forex affiliate programs work or how to build up a small marketing business, you will find that written content is still the king in most realms. Since the market has evolved though, the specialization aspect has come to define the content market. in 2019 therefore, the focus will be on where certain content is used and for what purpose.

4. Instagram is big with the younger demographic

Instagram reached 1 billion users sometime in 2018. With that milestone, it instantly becomes one of the biggest social platforms. The Facebook-owned platform is particularly a hit with the younger generation. Digital marketing in 2019 is thus greatly influenced by what is happening on the platform.

5. Video is a priority

The growth of video has also been meteoric in recent years. All the major platforms have grown tremendously and a huge percentage of internet users now consume more video. With this increase, digital marketing has had no option but to follow the numbers. The growth in video consumption will continue to rise in 2019. There are many advantages that come with using video for marketing. With the right kind of production, this market could be the paragon in the marketing world.

6. Live video is making its way into the market with a bang

Apart from the normal video, streaming video is a fast-rising phenomenon in the digital marketing world. Nowadays, you can find a huge number of platforms that are specifically dedicated to streaming video. From platforms where gaming steams are broadcast to actual channels that live stream all kinds of content, this area of the market will be important in the near future. For 2019 though, markets must watch out for the opportunities that could come from a carefully-considered live video opportunity.

7. The use of voice interaction

The modern devices come equipped with tools that allow for accurate voice interaction. Many smart devices that are hitting the market are coming with voice integration baked into the system. This means that voice interaction is an area that the digital marketing world cannot ignore. There are several key differences that distinguish the voice search and text-based search though. As the market continues to grow, the most important aspect of 2019 will be figuring out how voice integration can work for the digital marketing world.

8. Email is now more personalized than ever before

Finally, Email is now personalized and tailored according to the needs of the target user. Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing methods that have been around since the advent of the internet. As the digital world has evolved though, so has email marketing. Generic emails can no longer be reliable as the world is now more focused on specific products. Email marketing in 2019 will thus continue to be more about what each particular person is looking for in a product.

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