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The Premium Benefits of Serviced Offices You Should Know Today

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Starting a business is already a daunting process in itself – and if you add the need for office space into the mix, it can even be more challenging. Of course, you always have the option to rent office space traditionally – but would you want to do so when you can take advantage of another, more feasible option? We're referring to a serviced office, of course, and plenty of startup entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and other kinds of business enterprises have already found that it suits all their requirements. It is, after all, one of the most cost-effective alternatives to having your own office space since it's flexible, and you can quickly scale up (or scale down) as necessary. But what else is in store for you if you opt for a serviced office? Here are the premium benefits of serviced offices you should know today.

The main takeaways

One of the distinctive aspects that make serviced offices different from the traditional lease is that it seems to cater to business enterprises that look for more flexibility in terms of their physical space. But there is a deeper reason why more enterprises are looking to get a serviced office: it benefits them in regards to flexibility. It helps them avoid fees that are often unnecessary (not to mention exorbitant). In addition, a serviced office is also often the ideal solution for businesses that value their workforce's creativity and would like to have an easier way to collaborate and network with like-minded individuals.

The premium benefits

• It’s cost-effective

With a serviced office, you will always get precisely what you pay for – in other words; you don't have to pay for space you will not use. Your office space can come fully furnished if you want it, but it will also come with essential utilities and facilities like telecommunication and Broadband connections. It's a solution that allows you to move in and work on the same day, in a matter of hours. This option is also great for business enterprises that want to set aside their money and resources for other investments and pursuits. It allows you to save money because you don't have to spend on utility applications and even the acquisition of furniture and equipment. In addition, it comes with a set fee per month, allowing you to budget your finances more efficiently.

• It offers flexibility and allows for perfect timing

You can opt to lease your serviced office for as little as a month (or less, in some cases), and all serviced offices will come with short-term leasing arrangements. Since you are not bogged down by a contract for the long-term, you can conveniently move to another space when need be, as confirmed by reputable serviced office providers like This solution also allows you to keep your options open, which is excellent if you are starting and would like first to get a feel for the space. Alternatively, if you need a bigger space on short notice, all you need to do is ask your serviced office provider, and they can quickly find a larger office for you.

• It promotes accessibility

When you are in a serviced office, most of the locations offered are in prime spots or areas. Many major cities have a bevvy of serviced offices, and this alone allows you to become more accessible to your existing clients and potential clients and suppliers. Not only this – it promotes accessibility to new talent as well. With a better-serviced office location, you can be accessible to potential new talented employees, and you can become more contactable and well-known in your niche and industry.

You can benefit from a wide assortment of other amenities as well, from business services to manned reception desks, cleaning and maintenance, and even on-site parking and 24-hour security.

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