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Tip #10/10 10 Quick Tips for Facebook Ad Success💰

Yesterday's Tip #9, Test! Test! Test!...brought in several messages to my inbox. I wanted to share one of them with you

...This service company was used to getting their leads by sending people to their website using the Traffic ad product....

They conducted a Split Test, see Tip #9, and tried Messages as the Ad Product....check out their results.

Am SO PROUD of them for testing!! - LOVE IT!!!! Today is the FINAL Tip of the '10 Quick Tips for Facebook Ad Success'...It's REALLY IMPORTANT... Tip #10: It Takes Time Here's the 'simple' difference b/t Facebook's advertising and Google's advertising....Facebook advertising is the proverbial marathon approach & Google is the sprint approach. Facebook advertising takes time to optimize because it's not being 'sought out'. Think about how YOU use go to Google to find search for something...something specific (info, car repair, closest pizza place....etc). This is Paid Search. Google advertising helps you find new customers On Faceebook/Instagram...I am not seeking, I am seeing ads as part of my user experience as I scroll through my FB/IG feed....I AM NOT actively seeking the ads. This is Paid Social. Facebook's Advertising Helps New Customers Find You. Facebook advertising simply takes more time to receive data and it takes more time for the algorithms to 'learn' and optimize to get you the best results. Give your ads 48-72 hours to get enough results before changing anything...allow the ad to (hopefully) exit the 'Learning' phase of optimization & into the 'Active' phase.

Reminder: See Tip #5: Using an Appropriate Ad Budget to ensure that your ads DO HAVE ENOUGH money to succeed. However, keep in mind that you need to give Facebook at least 24 hours to adjust the performance of your ads after every new edit. Every time you make substantial changes to your campaigns, consider waiting for at least 24-48 hours before drawing any conclusions. P.S. Message me to set up a Complimentary 30 Min Marketing Strategy Session

Louie Bischoff - Owner

Louie lives in the Phoenix, AZ area. She has had the opportunity for work directly with Facebook/Instagram in their SMB Advertising Area - where she learned many tips & tricks to make the 'algorithm your friend' for ads!! She has had her own marketing business with small business clients located throughout the world on-and-off since 2006, with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy, Louie has her MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Prior to focusing on Digital Advertising she built a career in the consumer product industry as a Product Manager. Louie was an award-winning adjunct faculty member at Thunderbird Graduate School where she has taught Business Communication/ Business Writing classes. She also lived overseas in Taipei, Taiwan for six years while teaching business communications with international companies. In addition to her MBA in International Management, she has her BA in Broadcast Journalism/English (minor) from the University of Arizona. Louie has two teen-age sons.

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