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Tip #3/10 10 Quick Tips for Facebook Ad Success💰

When I worked at Facebook as an advertising account manager and would suggest to my clients to use yesterday's Tip #2, of Auto placement for Ad Delivery, I would see results that were consistent with this message that I received from Tom & Emily...

Tom & Emily own a coaching/service business...they sent me a note telling me that their cost/result was reduced by 65% by changing the ad delivery placement to 'Auto Placement'...That makes me SO HAPPY to hear that.

Facebook Advertising DOES WORK!!!..... I know that it does... I see it every day... but, it isn't easy, that's why I'm providing these tips.

Today's Quick Tip for Facebook Ad Success may get a bit 'nerdy'.....hang w/ me tho, I'll explain it in easy terms…

Tip #3: Take Advantage of the Facebook Pixel*

  • The Facebook (FB) Pixel is where the 'magic' of advertising on Facebook happens!

  • The FB Pixel is a line of code that gets installed on the backend of your website or landing page/funnel & tracks the actions of people

  • This is one of the most important Facebook advertising tips in this series.

  • With FB Pixel is installed, you can track the actions people take on your website and you can use it to retarget website visitors.

  • More and more Facebook advertisers are using the Facebook Pixel & more and more 3rd party platforms have made it simple to install the FB Pixel onto your website.

  • Having the FB Pixel installed does provide some really valuable data to determine crucial KPIs such as cost per purchase, cost per lead, which campaigns, targeting options, ads are delivering the best results...etc

  • With FB Pixel tracking data, it makes it easier to optimize your campaigns and get more out of your ad budget

* There are some changes w/ the FB Pixel re. iOS 14

Helpful Hint: Go to Google in the CHROME browser (btw, FB 'likes' Chrome the 'best') & search 'Facebook Pixel Helper' & install the extension. It will allow you to see if your pixel is installed correctly (it'll light up blue/green).

P.S. Message me to set up a Complimentary 30 Min Marketing Strategy Session

Louie Bischoff - Owner

Louie lives in the Phoenix, AZ area. She has had the opportunity for work directly with Facebook/Instagram in their SMB Advertising Area - where she learned many tips & tricks to make the 'algorithm your friend' for ads!! She has had her own marketing business with small business clients located throughout the world on-and-off since 2006, with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy, Louie has her MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Prior to focusing on Digital Advertising she built a career in the consumer product industry as a Product Manager. Louie was an award-winning adjunct faculty member at Thunderbird Graduate School where she has taught Business Communication/ Business Writing classes. She also lived overseas in Taipei, Taiwan for six years while teaching business communications with international companies. In addition to her MBA in International Management, she has her BA in Broadcast Journalism/English (minor) from the University of Arizona. Louie has two teen-age sons.

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