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Tips for Sourcing Your Invitation List

As you write the invitation to your target audience and create the registration landing page, you’ll also want to begin identifying the prospect list sources that have the right qualities. This is where marketing automation tools can come into play.For the email broadcast consider:

In-house list

Rent a list (list brokers)

Outsource audience recruitment

Media Partners


Tap into these resources to share links, empower your network to share your content:

Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, User Communities

Publish your webinar on your blog or website

Send a newsletter, press release

Create Partnerships, Affiliates

Some final considerations when making a decision for list sourcing:

Do you already have a purposeful in-house list that you have built or acquired? Is it large enough to drive a sizeable audience to your event? Is it fatigued – have they heard all your stories?

A profitable, segmented in-house list may provide higher response rates than a fresh list of matching prospects.

If you want to attract fresh new “eyeballs” you can look to the many companies that offer lists acquisitions and subscriptions, such as Hoover’s and Dun & Bradstreet, etc.

If you are acquiring, renting or subscribing to a list, you need to consider how accurate, how re-usable and what methodology is used in maintaining these lists.

For more tips and info, please feel free to check out my free eBooks by clicking here.Here’s to your webinar success!

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