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Top 4 SEO Marketing Strategies to Double Website Traffic

One of the most important things you should focus on with your website is its traffic. You need to generate as much RELEVANT traffic as possible, which is what helps get people following the calls-to-action you have, as well as increase your ranking on search engine results pages.

However, if you see that your website traffic is going down and you don’t get the visibility you want and expect, you’ll need to begin reevaluating your SEO. Through doing this, it boosts your website’s traffic and gives you the audience you need for your products and services.

With inadequate SEO, poor content quality, as well as redirects or broken links, this lowers your SEO. Fortunately, there are ways you can fix that and make sure that your site stays on higher positions on search engine results pages. But where can you start?

Read on as I show you the top four SEO marketing strategies to double website traffic.

Top Four SEO Marketing Strategies to Double Website Traffic

I know how challenging it is to learn all about SEO, and even if you feel like you’re an expert, it’s a learning process! To track higher on search engines and accomplish goals while gaining traffic, follow these tips:

1. Conduct Regular SEO Audits

For starters, it’s crucial that you conduct thorough SEO audits, which have you highlight your website performances. It will also help you discover what needs to be improved or taken out from your website. These are the top ten factors to consider when doing an SEO audit:

· Make sure that you already have your Google Search Console set up or you have no idea if Google’s finding it hard to crawl and index your website.

· I recommend that you build your links, avoid overstuffing your content with useless ones. Do NOT link content to spam websites or those just for the sake for link building, which search engine crawlers hate

· Remove all broken links and 301 redirects within your website to prevent your website from ranking lower

· Remove useless or outdated plugins which slow down your website’s performance and speed

· Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive to all devices

· All information across Google searches should be accurate and consistent

· Do NOT follow bad advice which has hindered your SEO in the past

· Get AMP versions for your website, which are mobile-friendly versions of your webpages

· Avoid keyword cannibalization, which refers to splitting content into two pages which should be on one. This has search engines rank BOTH lower

· Compress your images and don’t make them TOO large, which affects performance speed, therefore affecting SEO

2. Use Enticing YouTube Videos

I’m sure a lot of you already know about how video is becoming one of the popular content types! From creating educational YouTube videos down to answering clients’ frequently asked questions, these are helpful in engaging viewers.

BUT, what businesses forget doing is to link their YouTube accounts to their sites. OR, they forget to link their website to YouTube. When they aren’t linked, you miss out on the SEO opportunities!

With YouTube attracting up to two billion users a month, they are one of the most popular platforms today! Whatever you link to YouTube is proven valuable, regardless of the number of views a video has. You can take advantage of YouTube and include your links on and to your website by:

Linking your company website to your YouTube channel’s account.

When you post YouTube videos, edit its description, including the relevant webpages that the video relates to. It can be a blog post, an FAQ webpage, or product pages.

3. Focus On Your Content

YES, using correct keywords is a great way for your company website to rank even higher. Besides that though, you’ll need to have stronger content strategies which highlight these areas:

· Primary Pages: These need to target the primary keywords with high-value words, relating to your area of expertise or products or services offered.

· Secondary Pages: These need to include keywords that are related to the products or services you offer.

· Tertiary Pages: These should have long-tail keywords, usually there or four-word phrases.

For example, if you’re a baker in Philadelphia, use the keyword “Baker Philadelphia” for primary pages and “cookie baker in Philadelphia,” all depending on what you offer.

Do NOT make irrelevant content or stuff keywords, using unimportant and senseless ones just for the sake of SEO. Search bots pick up on that and won’t rank your pages high because of it.

4. Collect Your Business’ Reviews and Do Email Campaigns

I highly recommend that you encourage customers to post their reviews online, collecting and responding to them quickly. Potential customers rely on reviews they find online when selecting what business to trust. That’s why it’s important to reply promptly and with profession in mind.

Furthermore, search engines would weigh reviews, so remember to answer ALL reviews, whether it’s from Google or Yelp!

Besides this, I recommend that you also have stronger email campaigns, which help in website traffic. Consider the following campaigns:

· Lead Magnet to give away a free content piece or ebook helpful to your target audience and clients

· New Leads to create a video or content piece on what your company is about and why they should consider working with you

· Capturing Reviews to encourage them to post a review after transactions

Wrapping It Up

While companies like Joel House Adwords Management can help with your SEO needs, it’s important to learn it on your own, too. That way, you can identify what needs to be fixed, why it does, and how you can do it on your own when necessary.

I hope my article on the top four SEO marketing strategies to double website traffic helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and follow any of these strategies now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences on SEO, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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