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Top Industries To Flourish With New Space Age

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

A new space age has dawned and it’s developing rapidly. Private space agencies like SpaceX are quickly dominating the scene, stealing the spotlight from governments. While it is technically running errands for federal bodies like NASA, the tech giant is definitely leading the coming space race. Thanks to the efforts of CEO Elon Musk and his engineers, several industries are expected to gain much in the years to come.

It’s worth noting that this list doesn’t contain all possible industries that will benefit from humanity mastering space travel, much like how Klook promo code deals were inconceivable in the past. There are still bound to be new industries that will pop up in the coming decades that aren’t known right now. What this list contains are simply the industries that currently exist or are currently known to potentially exist, and are in the best position to take advantage of the coming space age.

Space Tourism

The most obvious industry that is expected to thrive with the coming new space age is space tourism. The prospect of being able to see what only a chosen few could in decades past is too tempting for people to pass up. The industry will boom even more once the costs have been lowered to be accessible to the vast majority of people.

If space tourism becomes almost as affordable as regular tourism here on Earth, for example, there won’t be shortage for the demand to go on a trip. There could always be great deals in the works similar to Cotton On promo code offers to make such trips more affordable. This is what companies like Blue Origins are betting on big time.

Asteroid Mining

Another obvious example of an industry that will thrive once SpaceX manages to perfect interstellar travel is asteroid mining. This is a concept that has been featured in many works of fiction several times such as in movies, books, TV, and video games. Just as was the case with many technologies that used to belong only in the realm of science fiction, however, real companies have been champing at the bit to make asteroid mining a reality.

On the other hand, considering that the industry is expected to be worth several hundred trillion dollars, this is only to be expected. The presence of rare metals and raw materials in many asteroids that have already been identified has analysts salivating at the opportunity to get hold of them and bring them to earth. In fact, some have predicted that the first trillionaire will get their money from asteroid mining.


Right now, the transportation industry is limited to land, air, and sky. However, with the advent of the new space age, the industry can add orbital transport to the list. This is good because it would mean considerably shorter trips when flying from one end of the planet to the other. It has even been proposed that the BFR by SpaceX can transport passengers from New York to Japan in less than an hour.

As such, it’s no surprise that there would be those who would be immensely interested in investing in this emerging technology. Initially, such a mode of transportation is bound to cost a lot. About $2,000 per trip by some estimation. However, in time, the costs will inevitably drop until most people will be able to make use of the new mode of transportation. Companies always employ tactics similar to Aliexpress coupon deals, as well, so that’s pretty much covered.

Shipping And Logistics

Finally, there is the matter of shipping and logistics. Normally, companies only have airfreight and sea freighters to rely on in order to transport goods all over the world. Once they arrive via sea port or airport, the goods are then transported by land to their designated destinations. The whole affair can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, which can obviously be inconvenient.

Thanks to more practical space transportation, however, this time can be cut to just several hours. Rockets can reach literally anywhere in the world in about the same time to watch an inflight movie. Moving goods through this methods can significantly boost the circulation of supplies and revenue.


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