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Top optimization tactics to help your SEO in 2019

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The process of search engine optimization will never be over really. It is a continuous procedure which is often subjected to sudden changes in rules, and new adjustments have to be made. A lot of these adjustments are often made at a moment's notice. In the last year, there were a lot of interesting and important changes that organizations had to make in their goal to have good ranks in the search engine result of prominent search engines. A lot of these changes have been resultant in forcing a lot of business owners to come back to their strategizing methods and refine the tactics they use. In this article, you will be learning of some unique tactics to help you with your SEO in 2019.

Marketing and SEO specialists have made a lot of emphasis on why it is essential to tap into the big data and focus on the EAT score to make your optimization process more successful for 2019.

Understand how big data will work

In the last ten years or so, the monster referred commonly as the big data is given a vital role in the way businesses are run and in people's general life. The experts have claimed that about three quintillion bits of specific data get created on a regular basis. When this is harnessed in a proper way, then any business organization would be able to get a lot of important and crucial insights in being able to improve the nature of their SEO and then predict the most important trends and also make important strategies to make their business flourish.

But having such a huge amount of data present may result in creating a challenge for finding the specific tiny bits of information from within the labyrinth of information that can be actually used for ensuring a total success of the SEO process and also avoid any form of overloading of the data also. You will have to understand how you can make sense of the data from your business website and how it can be translated for a more successful search engine optimization.

You will need to focus more on those aspects which are scientific in nature and to some extent on the specific data parts.

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For marketing specialists and business owners, it will be quite tempting to put more emphasis on the data collection. They will feel that it is an important practice in itself. But you need to consider taking some pre-emptive methods for gathering your data. You will need to realize the various types of questions which you should try and ask and which specific problems should you aim to resolve. These factors will help you in guiding you to the specific data which you want to look for. For instance, in the field of search engine optimization, you will need to understand the specific metrics which are related to the traffic on your business website. You will need to focus on information like the following to get more useful data regarding this:

1. Where is your traffic coming from exactly?

2. What specific keywords will help you to get more traffic?

3. Which of your pages is receiving most of the traffic?

4. Which pages are helping in driving traffic?

5. How will you repeat your success?

Also, in the event that you seem to lose any keyword for which your website gets high ranks, then you need to look for these issues:

1. What are the changes in the strategies that you have recently made?

2. How have the search engine algorithms changed?

3. How are your other sites affected?

You need to ask such types of essential questions before trying to gather any data. You will be able to easily cut out a lot of useless work and reduce the time and energy spent on rummaging through data in order to make any sense of the whole ordeal.

Address the recent changes that may have been made

A lot of changes have been made in the algorithms of major search engines in the last year. These changes have affected a lot of business websites across a number of different industries. Some of the most important changes were made with relation to the contents uploaded in the websites. A lot of different studies have revealed that because of these changes it was the industry of healthcare which got most badly affected. There are a number of business websites which saw a lot of gains being made after the updates were made, but a lot of websites say a huge drop in their traffic. Search engines will penalize websites if the content uploaded is not of good quality.

Thus, you need to be specific and exact with the content which you upload on your business website. It needs to be suitable and relevant to the queries of the user and should be authentic and original. You need to verify and cross-check the information that you put and only then will the search engines put more focus on your website and give it higher ranks.

Focus on the EAT scores

The EAT scores will represent the Expertise, the Authority and the Trustworthiness that is present in the content which you upload and it is a major determinant of your results on search engine pages. The expertise will reflect the ability of your website to demonstrate specific skills in your field through the content that you upload. It shall look for the consistent production of top quality and authentic content which users will find valuable. Authority will decide the validity of the information that you provide and the credentials that you have in giving out the information which you present. Your reputation on the internet will depend upon this factor.

Trustworthiness reflects how true and authentic your information and your business website are, specifically with regards to financial transactions and personal information. Visit Enovarius for more information on search engine optimization tactics of 2019.


SEO is crucial for the success of your business. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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